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Want to be a successful fleet manager? Avoid these 5 things.

5 Things Successful Fleet Managers NEVER Do

Fleet managers are responsible for every task that involves vehicle selection, maintenance, and management in a fleet’s operations. Since they deal with a significant portion of their company’s expenses, they cannot afford to make mistakes. The following are five things that great fleet managers avoid at all costs. Assume Ignorance is Bliss A successful fleet..

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Ready to introduce workplace GPS tracking? Here's how to make the transition easy on your employees.

5 Steps for a Smooth Transition to Workplace GPS Tracking

Planning to introduce GPS tracking to your fleet, crew, or office staff? Many employers fear the worst when it comes to breaking the news and onboarding employees. But thankfully, for employers, a little preparation and insight into what employees really think about GPS tracking in the workplace can go a long way toward drama-free onboarding... Read More
Your employees are the face of your brand.

5 Surprising Ways Your Employees Can Make or Break Your Brand

No matter what business you’re in, your employees will be seen as the face of your brand. Your staff is made up of people who are essentially real-life representations of the products and services you sell. This is why it’s important that all employees uphold the principles and standards you’ve set for your brand and..

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5 Driver Retention Strategies for Your Fleet

A Friendly Fleet: 5 Ways to Improve Driver Retention and Boost Employee Morale

Well-managed commercial vehicle fleets help businesses keep up with their competition and realize their potential. The fleet’s drivers are vital resources needed to meet deadlines, transport assets, and inventory, and keep customers satisfied. Invest in Maximum Insurance Maximum levels of vehicle and driver insurance are prudent. For commercial fleets, basic vehicle and driver liability plans..

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Managing resistance to change in the workplace can be tricky.

How to Introduce New Software to a Tech-Challenged Team

  Introducing new software to your business can be trying even in the best of circumstances, but if your team is rather tech-challenged you will face additional obstacles. Managing resistance to change in the workplace—especially tech-based change—is tricky when your team is set in their ways. Fortunately, there are some foolproof ways to introduce new..

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Regular Fleet maintenance

The Power of Prevention: What Regular Maintenance Can Do for Your Fleet

One of the most important (and one of the most overlooked) aspects of any fleet-operating business is said business’ vehicle maintenance program. Keeping your fleet in prime condition is essential, as breakdowns and other symptoms of poor maintenance can wreak havoc on your company’s operations. Instituting a regular maintenance schedule for each vehicle can reduce..

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