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What Is a Fleet Manager?

In a companies that rely on a fleet of vehicles and drivers, fleet managers play a pivotal role. A fleet manager is typically responsible for acquiring and maintaining the fleet, managing vehicle maintenance schedules, and overseeing their employer’s mobile workforce. In any company with a variety of high-value mobile assets, the fleet manager’s role is..

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Use these winter driving tips to stay safe this season!

10 Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

When the temperature plunges to five degrees, even the most experienced of truckers can have a hard time managing the icy roads. Poor visibility coupled with reduced traction makes the job of a big rig driver extremely challenging. However, by implementing preventive safety skills for driving in icy conditions, you can sail through the winter..

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GPS Tracking for Construction Companies: What’s the Benefit?

In the past, managing a fleet typically involved plenty of paperwork and lots of phone calls.  At the end of the day, fleet managers often had to manually calculate the data that was important to their operation—miles driven, fuel used, etc. As technology has advanced, the role and duties of a fleet manager have changed..

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How will the ELD mandate affect productivity?

How the New ELD Mandate Might Negatively Impact Driver Productivity

We’ve heard a lot about the benefits of adopting electronic logging technology, especially now that the ELD mandate is in effect. What we haven’t heard much about, however, is the potential backlash which could come as a result of this legislation. It is important that fleet managers understand both sides of the narrative so that..

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30-Minute Breaks

How 30-Minute Breaks Make Your Fleet More Efficient

There are many commercial drivers who aren’t willing to take regular breaks. While this is probably because their to-do list is packed with tasks and they are too busy to make time for a short break, skipping a break to stay productive is no longer a choice for many drivers. With the FMCSA’s 30-minute mandatory..

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women truck drivers

Is It Time for More Women Truck Drivers?

The number of women truck drivers in the United States has definitely increased over the years, albeit slowly. According to data obtained from the American Trucking Association, female truckers comprise 5.8% of the trucking payroll. While this percentage is not terribly encouraging, the trend certainly is. Female drivers are entering the trucking and transportation industry..

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