The highest-performing fleets know that experienced, reliable team members are a company’s most valuable asset—especially in a historically tight labor market.

To stay productive and keep customers happy, it’s more important than ever to keep those drivers satisfied and engaged. Deploying a fleet camera system can be an effective tool in that effort. With the right fleet camera system, you can protect your drivers from false accident claims, send help when a vehicle is disabled and locate a stolen vehicle quickly to recover your assets and keep your drivers from being stranded.  


Protect drivers from false accident claims:

The unfortunate reality for fleet operators is that commercial vehicles are targets for accident fraud. Other drivers manufacture stories about being hit by a delivery truck or service vehicle with hopes of receiving a quick settlement. A fleet camera system can help protect your drivers from these false claims by recording the road ahead and providing evidence of what happened during an accident. In many cases, the footage from a fleet camera system can help prove your driver’s innocence and prevent the costly expenses associated with a false claim. Operators who use fleet camera systems see an average of 50 percent fewer accident claims, and the claims that do get filed are both smaller and more quickly processed by insurers. 


Send help if a driver is stranded:

Cell phones are fine for a lot of things, but a GPS-enabled fleet camera system offers coverage a phone just can’t match. No matter where your driver goes within your service area, a good fleet camera system can be on the alert and warn you if a vehicle is disabled or off course. By keeping track of real-time location and monitoring their status, you’ll be able to send assistance promptly when they need it. This type of system can help prevent long waits for roadside assistance and keep your drivers safe in case of an emergency.


Quickly find a stolen vehicle:

Fleet camera systems offer the ultimate visibility for managers who want to make sure their drivers and assets are safe from theft or other dangers. Carolina Closets owner Paul Prewitt knows this first hand. One of his drivers had a service truck stolen from his driveway. With the help of a GPS Trackit fleet video system, Prewitt tracked the vehicle, gave police the location, and his driver had the vehicle back in his possession within 30 minutes. The video also provided valuable evidence in the case against the thief. “No damage and they didn’t have to tow it,” says Prewitt. “The installer gets a ride over, picks up the van, and makes it to the job site on time that day. That’s a tremendous savings of time and resources.”


To see how a fleet video system can be tailored to your specific application, talk to an experienced Fleet Advisor today for a free demo.