If you’re a fleet manager interested in cutting-edge efficiency and protection for your vehicles, a video telematics system is probably on your radar. The concept is simple: Use real-time driver- and road-facing video to get a complete picture of what’s happening inside and outside every vehicle in your fleet. But picking the right system can be difficult. Here, we’ll discuss video telematics basics, and answer the questions you have about installing a system in your fleet. 

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Grow Your Field Service Business with Vehicle Management Technology

For most field service businesses, growth is more complicated than simply deciding to allocate more resources for crews and vehicles. Adding clients and increasing revenue has to first come from the assets you already have in place. 

That’s where a good field service management business comes in. 

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What happens if a GPS tracking device or dashcam has a problem?

It’s a rare occurrence but you may have a technical problem with your GPS tracking device or your dashcam. When this happens you may wonder if GPS Trackit support can see the problem remotely. Actually, there are so many tracking devices and dashcams in the field that this would be difficult.

Who should you contact for help with a GPS tracking device or dashcam?

If you notice that a GPS tracker or dashcam has stopped working, please email [email protected] or call 866-320-5810.

You can now access a fully-integrated marketplace with carefully selected 3rd party solutions within the GPS Trackit product portal. With a few clicks, you can discover, try, buy and access innovative solutions to help you achieve your fleet management goals. And now, you can get these solutions at a discounted price!

Here are the types of resources available through the GPS Trackit Marketplace:

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GPS Trackit Improves Map View to Help Customers

The developer team at GPS Trackit works hard to make the Fleet Management platform easier for customers to use. Lately they’ve launched two new improvements that make it easier to locate your fleet vehicles on the map. 

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