Essentials for Your Fleet Management Toolbox

Does your shipping business have the right tools in its fleet management toolbox?
At this time, consolidating your fleet management needs into one system is the easiest, most efficient way to run your business, for the fleet management system that satisfies your needs quickly, monitoring your drivers’ safety and the quality of your vehicles, is the one for you.
Immediate alerts regarding your trucks’ locations and any issues that arise with them are the key to your success. The faster you’re able to react to situations or provide your customers with information about the location of their goods, the better your business will be. Read More

Long-haul drivers, also known as over-the-road truckers, spend a lot of time on the road. They travel long distances and are usually away from their families and homes for many weeks at a time.  Driving a vehicle all day, sleeping in a truck, and eating at rest stops can lead a long-haul driver down an unhealthy path. The very nature of this job is quite sedentary and staying healthy can be a big challenge for many drivers. >> Continue Reading

Managing mobile employees can be difficult. There is little-to-no face time with your fleet drivers, which can lead to incorrect verbal cues, lost nuance and poor employee visibility. As a manager of a fleet, you are unable to be physically present where most of your workers are, which can take a toll on communication. Have a look into some of the ways through which fleet managers can communicate and manage remote drivers. >> Continue Reading

When it comes to GPS tracking systems, we focus on building GPS Trackit as the brand that saves fleets money, saves fleets time and increases their profits. A brand itself should be unique, but there are elements that all successful branding strategies have in common. Here are some tips for building a brand that inspires prospects to become loyal customers and advocates. >> Continue Reading