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GPS Trackit Fast Fleet Facts

  • Save on Fuel Costs. On average, GPS Trackit customers see their average MPG increase by 35% and a reduction in fuel costs of 30%.
  • Increase Productivity. After implementing Fleet Manager, customers report an over 40% increase in productivity on average.
  • Monitor Maintenance. By monitoring real-time data, GPS Trackit customers tend to see a 34% improvement in timely fleet maintenance and average vehicle lifespan.
  • ROI in Under 30 Days. Our customers start seeing ROI immediately. It's a solution that pays for itself.
  • Tackle Idle Time. Customers typically report seeing a 38% decrease in idle time with our fleet management solution.
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Simple Automation

From daily vehicle reports to data-rich customized reports, you can easily automate the things you do regularly with just a few clicks. Set reports to deliver to your inbox automatically, create alert triggers for trackable events, and even schedule preventative maintenance.


Free Unlimited Training

New employees? Need a refresher course? Our training team can help you ensure you’re getting the most out of your system -- and that means improved ROI and fleet management. Training is live and hosted by GPS Trackit’s team of experts.


Driver Management

Speeding, idling, hard stops and timesheet errors can increase your fuel usage and costs. By monitoring driving behavior, you can ensure that best practices are not only in place but are being adopted by your drivers.


Eliminate Surprises

When you own a fleet, things like maintenance issues, poor driver behavior, and tax issues can negatively affect your bottom line. Eliminate the unexpected with robust reporting, live vehicle tracking, preventable maintenance scheduling and more.


Save Time & Money

It’s a fact: a fleet management system from GPS Trackit can help you save money and streamline your time. On average, our customers see a sizable reduction in fuel costs and idle time immediately after installation, and a 40% increase in productivity.


24/7 Control & Visibility

Fleet tracking from GPS Trackit gives you a live, up-to-the-minute view of where your fleet is and what it’s doing, allowing your fleet managers and dispatchers to react quickly to issues and track occurrences over time with robust reporting features.

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