GPS Fleet Tracking & Management Software

We put you in the passenger’s seat of every vehicle in your fleet with driver behavior monitoring, location tracking, and customizable vehicle event alerts. Support your drivers, wherever they are, with optimized routing and communication tools. Whoever said you can’t be everywhere at once?

Manage your fleet from anywhere with our mobile-friendly solutions. Tablet or smartphone, Android or iOS—whatever device you use, we have you covered. Our tablet integration is both convenient and extensive, providing timecard access, enabling 2-way messaging, and allowing for easy dispatching.

A Powerful Cross Device Telematics System

Configure Text/Email Alerts
Stay informed with convenient text and email alerts for all your safety, productivity, and maintenance concerns.

Temperature Monitoring
Food and beverage delivery trucks can stream live temperature data directly to you, helping you protect perishable goods and demonstrate compliance with health and safety rules.

Commercial Routing
Find the quickest, safest route to every destination with our commercial truck routing solution. With flexible control of routes based on bridge clearances, tolls, and last-minute intel, it’s like having your very own navigational crystal ball.

Driver Behavior Monitoring
Monitor hard braking, rapid acceleration, speeding, and other unsafe and unwanted driver behaviors.

Vehicle Maintenance Reminders
Monitor fleet health and extend the life of your vehicles with customizable maintenance reminders and convenient vehicle event alerts.

Software Scalability
Whether you have a fleet of five or five hundred vehicles, GPS Trackit can provide you with the powerful features and competitive pricing you’ve been searching for.

Dynamic and Detailed

  • Material Inspections
  • Change Orders
  • Compliance Verification
  • Construction Change Orders
  • Work Orders
  • Driver Incident Reports
  • Import/Export Inspections
  • Secure Cloud Storage

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The ELD mandate compliance deadline is on its way, so there’s only a few months left until electronic logging devices become mandatory for all drivers that log their Hours of Service. Still using paper HOS logbooks? Upgrade to our driver-friendly electronic logs and get compliant today.

With ELD Fleet™, your drivers can log their hours and get on the road faster than ever before.

Break free from the mess and confusion of paper logbooks and streamline your Hours of Service logging with our simple, user-friendly interface. Keep your fleet on track with a system specifically designed to help truck drivers meet DOT requirements, pass inspections, and generate accurate, compliant reports.

DOT Compliance Software

Keeping up with all the FMCSA regulations out there isn’t easy—our compliance experts are here to help you find the best solution for your business. Protect your drivers, avoid penalties, and make HOS logging easier than ever before with our convenient, mobile-friendly electronic logs.

Your Registered ELD Solution

Our plans are designed to meet your fleet’s unique needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple ELD solution or a comprehensive suite of HOS-compliant fleet management tools, we’ve got what you need to keep your fleet on the right track.

Your Data. Your Decisions.

With GPS Trackit’s dynamic mobile forms, making the switch from paper to electronic forms has never been easier. Create new forms or convert old paper ones into easy-to-use mobile forms, accessible from any mobile device.

Create and Customize

  • Compatible With Android and Apple Devices
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Time/Date & Location Stamps
  • QR and Barcode Scanning
  • Offline Data Capture
  • Photo Annotations

Stay Updated

Drivers can let dispatch know when they are en route, pending, or done with an assigned stop.

Our Field Service Manager acts as a two-way communication portal between dispatchers and employees in the field and was specifically designed with mobile users in mind. The FSM Driver™ site is optimized for display on mobile devices, allowing convenient access from just about anywhere.

Create and use pre-written messages to deliver in response to everyday situations and keep track of daily communications by reviewing chat histories. Drivers can receive notifications for missed chats and additional stops, so important information never falls by the wayside.

Canned Responses

Save time and simplify your communications with pre-written messages for common situations

Driver Alerts
Convenient alerts keep drivers informed, reducing HOS violations.

Easy Log Sending
Drivers can quickly and easily submit their logs upon request.

Ditch the Paper Logs
Going paperless means no more disorganized, wasteful paper logs.


“These products have really helped improve our fleet management, giving us outstanding insight into how our vehicles are used. They’ve also helped in a huge way to improve our communications with customers in regards to where our technicians are. Couldn’t be happier!”

– Reid, ControlAir Systems, Inc.