As daylight savings end and the leaves become more moist, it’s clear that winter is knocking on the door. Preparing your fleet for the colder months is about more than just adapting to the weather—it’s about ensuring safety, reliability, and optimal performance. The icy grip of winter can wreak havoc on unprepared vehicles, leading to increased breakdowns, safety hazards, and costly downtime. Statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation suggest that 24% of weather-related vehicle crashes occur on snowy, slushy, or icy pavement. Preparing for winter is more than a preventative measure; it’s a safeguard against the elements that could disrupt your operations. Below is a checklist for winter fleet preparation to help you stay ahead.

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Here at GPS Trackit we have always listened to our customers’ feedback and worked to improve our products. With our latest product update, we’re excited to introduce a new enhancement to our telematics tools: the AEMP API interface. This update isn’t just a step forward—it’s a leap toward redefining fleet management standards. Read More

The holiday season is known for increased traffic and heightened demands on fleet drivers. In this context, the role of dash cams and camera technologies becomes crucial. According to a recent survey, approximately 15-20% of drivers in the United States currently use dashcams. Studies have shown that the use of dash cams can reduce collision rates in fleet operations by up to 60%. Lets explores the importance of these technologies to ensure safety during the holidays. Read More

As the calendar turns towards the end of November, the retail world gears up for its most significant challenge: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These aren’t just days marked by extraordinary sales; they’re huge moments that test the resilience and agility of fleet management like no other. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 on the horizon, understanding the role of fleet preparedness is more important than ever. Below we aim to shed light on why gearing up your fleet for these days is not just important but essential for navigating the busiest shopping period of the year. Read More

The road for fleet professionals is often long and weary. You’re not just managing vehicles; you’re steering through storms of uncertainty that can lead to serious burnout. However, what if we suggested to you that fleet burnout isn’t an unavoidable outcome? Burnout isn’t just a risk—it’s an ever-present passenger. In the drive to keep supply chains moving or meet the next delivery window, it’s all too easy to ignore the warning lights of fatigue and stress flickering on the dashboard of our well-being. Below are 4 critical management strategies  that will help you reduce driver burnout. Read More

The world of fleet management is perpetually evolving, and as we step into the next few years, a plethora of trends and innovations are emerging. These trends are pivotal for fleet managers to harness, ensuring their operations are not only efficient and safe but also at the forefront of sustainability. Let’s dive deep into the key trends that will redefine the landscape of the Future of Fleet Management in the years to come.

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The air is getting crisp, the leaves are turning, and there’s a scent of pumpkin spice everywhere – Halloween is here! But before you break out the costumes and candy, let’s talk about something that can be even spookier for fleet managers: ghostly mileage and haunted routes. If you’re haunted by the thought of inefficient fleet operations, worry not! We’ve got some spooktacular tips to exorcise those ghosts and ghouls out of your fleet management.

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