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Public Transportation: Bus & Mass Transit GPS

  • GSA Approved - Contract #GS-35F-021GA
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Dispatching and Routing Tools
  • Live Video Monitoring
  • Whitelabel Passenger Apps
  • Antibunching and System Monitoring
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring
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Asset Monitoring Alerts

MDVR: Prevention. Protection. Proof.

With Mobile Digital Video Recording, bus fleet managers and dispatchers can view and record exactly what happens on board their buses.

Cameras are connected and synced to a real-time tracking system, giving you an unprecedented degree of insight into the daily activities of your drivers and riders, providing quality bus gps tracking.

APC: Accurate Passenger Data.

The Automated Passenger Counter provides the most accurate rider boarding and departure data possible, giving you the information you need to make better decisions for your bus fleet.

Automated Passenger Counters use advanced infrared technology to detect when passengers board and leave your train, bus or trolley. It’s as unobtrusive as it is reliable.

Public Transportation Bus Graphic with Automatic Passenger Counter

AVAS: Helping Your Disabled Passengers

With our ADA-compliant Audio Visual Automated Announcer, you can keep your passengers updated on the location of your buses, current routes and any active delays.

AVAS keeps your hearing-impaired passengers informed with clear LED signs and helpful text messages. Visually-impaired riders can access automated AVAS voice updates.

Anti-Bunching: A Smarter Bus System

Delays can have serious consequences for your riders and reputation, so keeping your buses on-schedule and in-sync is vital. That’s why our bus fleet management software is designed to prevent bunching and keep your operation on track.

Our anti-bunching algorithm accounts for multiple variables (time, distance, season, hour, traffic, etc.) when determining the ideal route progression timing for your bus fleet.

Public Transportation Bus Graphic with Anti-Bunching Feature

Branded Apps: Informed Riders are Happy Riders

Help your passengers get the most out of their public transportation system with a branded app that lets them view bus locations, ETAs and routes.

Give your passengers access to helpful real-time route and location information from any device with internet access.

Public Transportation mobile app software showcasing routes tracker

PT Driver: Help Your Drivers Stay On Track

Support your drivers with an easy-to-use interface where they can sign in, perform inspections, view routes and monitor for bunching.

By connecting your drivers, you create a moving network of real-time fleet data. This allows you to improve route coordination and adhere to posted schedules.

Public Transportation Bus Graphic with Driver App

OBAS: Your On-Board Advertisement System

Entertain, inform and market to your passengers with our On-Board Advertisement System.

These on-board systems can also help you boost your bottom line with revenue from advertising and marketing partnerships.

Public Transportation Bus Graphic with Onboard Advertising System
Software Features to optimize public transportation highlighted on a trolley graphic
Maintenance tasks in GPS Trackit's Public Transportation Software
Passenger receiving an alert on mobile device about the bus's location

Power to the Passenger

Public Info Displays

Electronic displays with information about location, ETAs or advertisements can be placed at every stop.

LED Signs

LED signs and annunciators can be installed inside and outside of the vehicles to provide updates about upcoming stops.

Live Video Monitoring

Live video can be installed in vehicles to monitor real-time driver and passenger behavior.

Passenger Counters

Automated Passenger Counters (APCs) help monitor and analyze passengers usage of public vehicles.

Branded Mobile Apps

Keep passengers up-to-date while on-the-go with branded mobile apps for  Android and iOS.

Arrival Forecast

Passengers can view an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to every stop in the vehicle’s route.

Public Bus Tracker

Passengers can view real-time locations of public transportation vehicles as well as access route information.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Monitor and track vehicles in real-time while providing location and routes information to passengers.

Modernizing Public Transportation

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