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  • Complete more service calls each week
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  • Reduce fuel costs due to idling, speeding and harsh driving
  • Provide customers with proof of service
  • Protect your vehicle, assets & tools from theft
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Real-Time Tracking for Your Landscaping Fleet
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It’s a fact: Knowing where your vehicles are and what they’re doing is crucial to running your business. That’s where GPS  fleet tracking and field service management software from GPS Trackit comes in. From real-time information to driver behavior, it’s the easy-to-use, 24/7/365 solution you need from the business partner that always has your back.

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Reducing Idling And Other Fuel Waste

Fuel remains the leading fleet management cost. So, managing its usage more judiciously can result in significant cost savings to the business, according to trade publication Landscape Management.
Small businesses are often using vehicles that are three years or older, meaning they’re not as efficient at this year’s model.

Controlling Costs With Fuel Cards

Signing up for a fuel card program is one way to manage your fuel purchases because each driver will have a card that identifies whether they’re buying premium or regular fuel and how much they’re paying for the fuel. You can use this data to direct drivers to use regular fuel or ask them to fill up at other stations that have cheaper prices.
However, telematics offers a more wide-ranging approach.
Setting up geofences that alert fleet managers when vehicles leave pre-determined zones will keep your drivers from straying too far from job sites. Optimizing routes between locations will reduce “windshield time,” so less fuel is wasted.

Setting Up And Following A Maintenance Schedule

Landscaping businesses need to deal with vehicle maintenance, but you also have to plan for maintenance issues around their mowers and other machines. Telematics systems help track usage so company managers can stick to the plan.

Maintenance intervals can be set up as reminders from your telematics service provider based on miles driven or time. Alerts can also help businesses implement a predictive maintenance plan in which parts are replaced before they fail to reduce the downtime of the vehicle.

Whether it’s a vehicle or a mower (zero-turn, riding, or walk-behind), setting up a maintenance schedule will reduce costs in the long run. There comes a point for every engine-powered machine that the costs to repair outweigh the benefits of keeping it. This is what’s usually referred to in fleet management as a lifecycle.

Managing Your Powered Equipment

Landscaping companies, especially medium- to larger businesses, manage more than just a fleet of trucks. They may also manage a range of other machines, including heavy equipment such as backhoes or other “yellow iron.”
Check with your equipment provider to see if they offer a proprietary telematics solution. Be sure to ask whether this equipment can be managed by your third-party telematics system, including whether the data can be integrated.
As a landscaper, you have a fleet of mowers. You also have smaller machines with two- or four-stroke engines such as trimmers, chainsaws, and edging machines. Then there are the power tools. These machines and tools need to be tracked and secured because they are also company property.

Telematics service providers often can help landscapers track these assets with RFID or Bluetooth Low Energy tags that can send data to an IoT (Internet of Things) platform. Of course, these assets can be secured the more traditional way in the locked cabinets of various truck bodies or tool racks.
For field service businesses, workforce management also brings a responsibility to manage tablets and other connected devices that help employees with invoices or bills of lading, as well as associated cellular service plans.
How employees use these devices and company data plans can present challenges around whether the assets are being used for work or personal tasks.

Service Source Retains Drivers & Lowers Payroll Cost

For twenty-four years, Bill Rodgers has managed the Service Source fleet, providing custodial and maintenance services for a wide range of customers, serving 25,000 individuals with disabilities nationwide through employment, training, and housing.

Superior Pool Service Improves Productivity

Superior Pool Service started with one man and a truck helping customers keep their pools clean and working correctly. With over 500 customers to serve each week, Fleet Manager Elizabeth Donald must keep her service technicians and their fleet vehicles working smoothly.

Stay Alert Changes Driver Behavior

Stay Alert rents and sells the large lighted traffic signs placed on the side of the road that may indicate Left Turn Ahead, Bridge Closed, or Road Closed. They rely on GPS Trackit to track and coordinate 145 trucks and hundreds of those traffic signs on trailers.

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Service Fleet Tracking for the Real World

Get the real-time, accurate information you need to run your fleet and your business.

Quickly Locate Your Vehicles. With real-time tracking information, you’ll know exactly where your vehicle has been and where they are right now, making ETAs simple.

Cut Labor Costs up to 35%. Take the guesswork out of timesheets, cut down on overtime, and get a more accurate picture of your labor costs.

Stop Moonlighting and Theft. With after-hours alerts and simple asset tracking features, you’ll know if your vehicles are being used when they shouldn’t and quickly locate stolen vehicles.

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