Loss prevention in trucking starts with an understanding of what the most common targets of theft are in trucking: fuel theft, cargo theft and equipment theft. There are many means for criminals and drivers alike to commit theft from physical stealing to identity theft to credit card fraud. First, let’s explore the types of losses that are most labeled as theft in trucking.

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Commercial structures, public buildings, infrastructure projects, new housing developments, and even renovations often require multiple workers, and several types of equipment, vehicles, and storage containers. GPS (Global Positioning System) vehicle tracking devices that include fleet management software offer a box full of automated, electronic tools to help with equipment and personnel management. >> Continue Reading

“When my vehicle was stolen I was able to lead the sheriffs department across a three county chase to where the vehicle was parked with a bunch of other stolen vehicles. Pretty cool!” – Paul Johnston COMPANY: Landtech Field Services, LLC. LOCATION: Lafayette, Louisiana INDUSTRY: Service FLEET SIZE: Small Landtech Field Services, LLC., a business >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading