When the pandemic disrupted supply chains across the United States, it also accelerated incidents of cargo theft. According to the FBI, more than $15 billion in cargo was stolen either by being separated from a shipment or from the cargo hauler itself being stolen.

Standard GPS systems installed in a tractor-trailer can help you monitor where your truck is at all times—but if the truck is gone, you’ll only be able to watch it disappear. Just this spring, Ukrainian farmers watched helplessly as their expensive farm machinery was stolen by Russia and moved by truck hundreds of miles across the border.

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Data control is beneficial for protecting your company’s digital assets. By limiting access to your data collecting systems to only those that require it, you can reduce the exposure of the information and in doing so decrease the risk of hackers breaking into your system. Take the disgruntled Texan from before.

There are 5 Buy Here Pay Here benefits from using a GPS tracking solution in your business. Unfortunately, there are also two hard realities that affect today’s Buy Here Pay Here used vehicle dealers: the customers ability to repay their loan and terminating vehicle use. Customer’s Ability Repay First, stressed economic conditions have spawned an […]