Managing fleet fuel spending is one of the biggest challenges for any field service business.

It’s also the place where you can save a tremendous amount of money, time, and hassle. The GPS Trackit Marketplace features powerful plug-and-play modules that work seamlessly with your fleet management software to help you save fuel costs starting day one. One of the best? AtoB’s suite of fleet fuel card tools—which take advantage of GPS Trackit’s geolocation and real-time tracking features to both direct drivers to fuel providers with the best prices and protect against fraud. 


Let’s take a look at three of the most powerful features of the AtoB service:


  1. Fuel Card Management

AtoB’s fuel card system channels refueling behavior to preferred vendors by integrating with your fleet management system’s map function. Drivers are prompted to refuel in locations with the lowest prices—or ones where you’ve negotiated preferred rates. With the geofencing capabilities of GPS Trackit, you can even set up approved areas where particular gas cards will work, and block them from functioning from other areas. It puts the power in your hands! 


  1. Fraud protection 

Better yet, the card works in tandem with your GPS Trackit system to match what’s happening in the vehicle with what’s happening on the fuel card. That means the fuel you’re buying is going into one of your vehicles, and not into somebody’s personal car or truck. How much can fraudulent card usage be costing you? Up to $0.50 per gallon, according to one study. AtoB’s Visa-based cards also feature the latest in tap-to-use and fraud protection technology, so your drivers aren’t wasting time at the pump repeating failed transactions. 


  1. Robust reporting 

Want to know exactly how your trucks are being fueled? Want the real data that will help drive decisions that save you money—as much as 0.43 cents per gallon for the average client? The easy-to-use dashboard lets you handle everything from card authorization to vehicle routing from one screen, and see aggregated data any way you want to slice it—by driver, vehicle, route, time of day, or a variety of other metrics. And the reporting functions make accounting, regulatory work, and timekeeping a breeze. 


By using the tools like AtoB from the GPS Trackit Marketplace, you can take control of your fleet fuel spending easily and completely. To learn more, talk to an experienced Fleet Advisor today.