GPS Trackit was named Best Low-Cost GPS Fleet Tracking Service in Business News Daily’s Best Fleet Tracking Services of 2019 report, scoring highly in Value, Pricing, and Services. GPS Trackit joined forces with other industry leaders to offer innovative, customer-sensitive, and cost-effective fleet telematics and videomatics solutions. >> Continue Reading

Oh man, it’s that time of year again. When folks are out on unfamiliar road braving the winter weather in hopes of seeing their families for the holidays. While that sounds lovely for the families involved, the rest of us are often forced to watch from the next lane, white-knuckling our steering wheels, as distracted and ill-prepared drivers make our commutes a bit more interesting. >> Continue Reading

So your dream is to start a food truck business. Food aficionados thank you and your industrial spirit! The world needs more fun and delicious ways to enjoy life. But, like any business, the food truck industry requires extensive research and a solid business plan to get started. Here’s how GPS tracking technology can help focus your business goals and keep track of your assets, allowing your business to flourish and grow. >> Continue Reading