You have a tough job. From making sure drivers are safe to maintaining vehicles to making sure the day’s work gets covered, managing a fleet can be hectic and high-stress.

But with help from GPS Trackit—and our almost 20 years of experience solving fleet managers’ most pressing problems—your solution can be one click away. Through the new GPS Trackit Shop, fleet managers can purchase easy-to-use tools to monitor fleet vehicles, track safety and save money. It’s fleet management made easy. Here’s just a little of what you can accomplish at the GPS Trackit Shop:


  1. Save time

Want to find the right video telematics or GPS Trackit solution quickly, compare different products, and set up hassle-free delivery? The GPS Trackit Shop gives you direct purchasing power. Just click the product you need, set up your monitoring service, and get the ultimate in fleet visibility in just a few days. 


  1. See up-front pricing

Looking to cut through the hard-to-compare product and pricing information from many solutions providers? The GPS Trackit Shop shows you exactly what it costs to get the device you need.


  1. Easy Options and Terms

It’s simple to browse through different products and select one that has the features you need at the contract length you prefer. 


  1. Expert Assistance

Need some help deciding which product is right for your application? GPS Trackit’s team of experienced Fleet Advisors is available to help you identify the features you need to tackle your most important problems. Our advisors have literally seen it all and can help you pick solutions that simplify procedures, save time and let you focus on the big picture.  


  1. Quick Implementation

Point and click and you can have your new devices in hand in a matter of days. With GPS Trackit’s industry-leading dashboard, you can have your new devices installed and giving you valuable decision-making power in minutes. Pay for what you need, when you need it. 


Browse the GPS Trackit Shop today and see fleet management made easy for yourself.