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Remote Trailer Temperature Monitoring for Refrigerated Trucks

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GPS Trackit’s trailer temperature monitoring system has been specifically designed and engineered to help fleets meet today’s demanding temperature-sensitive delivery requirements. With new FSMA sanitary food transportation rules and standards demanding more than ever from the food transportation industry, a temperature sensing system that can deliver real-time alerts when food safety is compromised is critical.

Our temperature monitoring system delivers convenient, real-time temperature data right to your desktop or mobile device. Know exactly when trailer temperatures drop below or rise above your predetermined points so you can take action the moment your cargo is compromised.

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Monitoring Trailer Temperature

Monitor up to 3 Temperature Zones

Monitor Up to Three Temperature Zones

Instant temperature alerts and live, viewable temperature readings empower fleet operators with the information they need to ensure a safe and successful delivery.

Keep Practices Safe and Compliant
Monitor Up To 3 Different Temperature Zones per Trailer
FSMA Transportation and HAZMAT Compliant Routing

Your Business is Our Business

Our fleet management tools work to preserve the health of your fleet vehicles, comply with FSMA food safety regulations, and provide better customer service. Whether you’re hauling produce across the states or operating a local food truck, our temperature monitoring system can help keep your business running smoothly.

On-Demand Temperature Reports

Real-Time Alerts if Trailer Crosses a Temperature Threshold

Eliminate Loss of Perishable Goods

Food Truck Monitoring

Get real-time temperature updates sent right to your phone…