An Earth Day 2024 Resolution

Today, you’re not just a fleet manager; you’re the hero of Earth Day 2024! Believe it or not, your daily decisions can potentially transform our planet. And what better day to flex those world-saving muscles than today? Let’s rev up those engines and drive into a greener future—because when it comes to saving the Earth, you’re in the driver’s seat! Read More

You can now access a fully-integrated marketplace with carefully selected 3rd party solutions within the GPS Trackit product portal. With a few clicks, you can discover, try, buy and access innovative solutions to help you achieve your fleet management goals. And now, you can get these solutions at a discounted price!

Here are the types of resources available through the GPS Trackit Marketplace:

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What is Final Mile Delivery?

Many of us take full advantage of delivery services that fulfill our product orders without really thinking about how the packages finally end at our doorways. Final mile delivery, which is also known as last-mile delivery, is essentially the last step or leg of a product’s trip and comprises the movement of goods from a transportation hub to a final destination at which point the goods are finally delivered to the end customer. Read More

Lawn Care for Atlanta Braves Truist Park

A lot of work and preparation goes into the maintenance and care of a Major League Baseball field. For one thing, the stadiums are massive. Take Truist Park, home of the reigning World Series champion Atlanta Braves, for example. The deepest point from home plate goes all the way out to 402 feet. Other parts of the field go beyond 300 feet. This doesn’t even take into account all the grass behind home plate, in front of each dugout, and along the foul line. Read More