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A Comprehensive Suite of GPS Fleet Management Tools

Simple and versatile fleet management software backed by live support, mobile access, and online collaboration. Empower your fleet with cutting-edge technology, customizable features, and 24/7 visibility.

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Award-Winning GPS Fleet Management Software

Detailed Interactive Maps

Fleet Manager™ opens up with a fully interactive, dynamic map display powered by Google Maps. Use this map to view vehicle locations, Geofences, and landmarks. With the Vehicle Trails tool, you can see exactly where your vehicles have been during a specified time period.

Satellite and Hybrid Views
Traffic Overlays
View Vehicle Trails
Compare Trip Histories
Identify Nearest Vehicle
Indefinite Data Storage

Manage Your Vehicles

With Fleet Manager’s Vehicle Status feature, you can view the live status of every vehicle in your fleet. This tool provides a convenient list view of all your vehicles, showing their current location, the time of the most recent update, and the last Event that was recorded.

Get “Big Picture” Data
View All Vehicle Locations
See Recent Events

Rethink Your Reports

Fleet Manager’s robust reporting feature allows you to build, view, and print data-rich custom reports. With this tool, you can set up automated reporting to deliver the reports you want directly to your inbox on a regular basis.

30+ Customizable Reports
Clear and Actionable Data
Create Automated Reports

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