Managing a fleet of vehicles requires a lot more than just vehicle maintenance and driver management.

Every fleet manager understands that many more challenges come with the job, including the pressure to reduce costs and improve safety. 

The experienced Fleet Advisors at GPS Trackit reveal the top three most pressing fleet manager challenges they’re helping clients tackle every day:


  1. Compliance

Keeping up with the ever-changing compliance regulations and adhering to them is one of the toughest challenges fleet managers face. The costs—both in money and time—for making a mistake can threaten a company’s ability to stay open. It’s crucial to stay on top of local, state, and federal regulations like hours of service, driver certification, equipment maintenance, and even environmental regulations. Fortunately, there are tools available that can help make that task easier. Using a fleet management software system like GPS Trackit can streamline compliance processes by aggregating the necessary data in one easy-to-find place and automatically prompting necessary checks and services. 


  1. Safety

Safety—both for drivers and others on the road—should be a fleet manager’s primary concern. Issues like distracted driving, driver fatigue, and aggressive driving are fleet manager challenges that can put drivers and others at risk. Monitoring driver behavior, rewarding safe driving, and providing regular driver training on proper driving techniques are all ways to improve safety. GPS Trackit’s VidFleet video telematics system uses AI-powered cameras to help predict potentially unsafe driver behavior and help avoid it before it happens. 


  1. Cost Management

Fleet managers constantly face the balancing act between keeping vehicles well-maintained and running efficient routes while avoiding unnecessary expenses. Managing costs effectively requires a strategic approach with ongoing analysis of data and consistent reporting. Using fleet management software systems can automate manual processes such as maintenance tracking, driver scheduling, and dispatching to reduce costs. Reviewing and analyzing data from vehicles can help fleet managers make strategic decisions about route optimization, driver training needs, and equipment maintenance schedules.


To learn more about these fleet manager challenges and how some of the highest-performing field service businesses are beating them, talk to an experienced Fleet Advisor today for a free, no-obligation demo.