The best field service management tools pull double duty. They make it possible for managers and dispatchers to “see” all trucks at a glance for better decision-making. And they also make drivers’ on-road experiences safer and more efficient. 

GPS Trackit’s field service management tools accomplish these tasks with three essential features, among others: artificial intelligence-powered in-cabin alerting, two-way messaging between driver and base, and fleet-wide driver scorecards.

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It wasn’t so many years ago that a phone was just a phone—not a smartphone with everything from a high-definition camera to internet access and social media packed into it. You can say the same thing about video cameras installed in fleet vehicles. A dashcam can be just that—a video camera installed in a truck—or it can be much more. 

Dashcams with AI are “smart cameras,” and they can help fleets avoid accidents and save thousands of dollars in repair costs, legal bills, and insurance premiums. Here’s how they work. 

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Georgia Service Fleet Accidents Increase Costs

Every year, fleet vehicle accidents and the subsequent damage insurance and lawsuit claims are among the highest costs for businesses. The typical cost of a loss related to vehicle accidents is approximately $70,000. This is nearly twice the cost of the average workplace injury at $36,592. Read More

Video Telematics Improves Driver Behavior 

Do Video telematics improve driver behavior and accident prevention?

Driver safety is of critical importance to those behind the wheel and the managers who look after the vehicles. If a driver isn’t responsible when on the road they could cause significant damage to the trucks and products, costing the company they work for a lot of money. Or even worse, someone could get seriously hurt or perhaps even lose their life. Read More