Can Asset Trackers Minimize Freight Delays?

Fleet managers use GPS asset management technology to keep tabs on their trucks as they deliver shipping containers all across the country. These managers like to know where their vehicles are at all times to ensure the product shipments are on track to reach their target destinations when they’re supposed to. Read More

Off-Road Heavy Construction Equipment GPS Tracking Growing

64% of trucking fleets are currently using a GPS fleet tracking solution in their organization. Adoption of fleet tracking is estimated at less than 20% among construction company fleets. This is surprising since some 80% of heavy equipment produced for the American market comes equipped with telematics. Dozens of OEM’s in the United States are trying to sell their hardware and software to the off-highway heavy equipment industry and its fleet managers. The data generated by telematics is increasingly useful to fleet managers. Read More

Loss prevention in trucking starts with an understanding of what the most common targets of theft are in trucking: fuel theft, cargo theft and equipment theft. There are many means for criminals and drivers alike to commit theft from physical stealing to identity theft to credit card fraud. First, let’s explore the types of losses that are most labeled as theft in trucking.

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