If you are a foodie, have watched a TGI Friday’s commercial, or are simply into cool dudes with spiked hair, then you’re probably familiar with who Guy Fieri is. If not, he’s a celebrity chef from The Food Network and a successful restaurateur who travels all over the world and dines on fine cuisines.

Guy knows food. When it comes to protecting his ride, a Lamborghini Spyder Gallardo, if Guy Fieri and the people at British Motor Car Distributors had GPS tracking, his car may have been found in hours and not months.

Teen Repels into Luxury Dealership and Steal’s Guy’s $200,000 Lamborghini

In March of 2011, Guy Fieri’s $200,000 Lamborghini Spyder Gallardo was stolen from British Motor Car Distributors. The thief, then 16, Max Michael Wade is said to have repelled into the dealership evading alarm systems and ultimately the police. Had a GPS tracker been in place an alert could have notified Guy and the dealership the moment the vehicle drove off.

GPSTrackit Offers Guy Fieri 30 Day Trial of Free GPS Tracking Services

Many people do not realize the benefits to using GPS tracking services. GPS Trackit is dedicated to promoting the complete vehicle management that is found when using a GPS vehicle tracking and monitoring solution. To show what we mean, we’d like to offer Guy Fieri a 30 day trial of free GPS tracking services to learn just how beneficial it can be.

A few advantages Guy, and others who use our GPS tracking solutions, can enjoy are:

  • Vehicle Location: Provides you with an address of where the vehicle is currently located.
  • Ignition: Know when and where your vehicle has been started and stopped.
  • Tow Alert/Motion Sensor: Alerts you when your vehicle is being moved.
  • Geofencing: Alerts you when your vehicle moves into or out of a specific geographic location.
  • After Hours Alert: Sends an email or text message when your car is moved between set time periods.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Receive an alert when your vehicle needs to be serviced.
  • Mobile Access: see the status of your car via personal PC, tablet or smartphone.

Plus, if someone else is driving Guy’s car he can easily see if they are speeding, idling, or even braking and/or accelerating harshly.

Getting Started With GPS Tracking

Guy, for more details on your free trial, contact GPS Trackit at (866) 320-5810 ext. 222 for more details.

For those serious about protecting their vehicles from theft, choosing to use a GPS vehicle tracking and monitoring device is a simple, efficient, and cost effective GPS tracking solution to protect your assets, save you time and money.

For more details on how a solution may fit you, click the link below for a quote or demo.

About GPS Trackit

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