GPS vehicle tracking can be used for all types of equipment in the construction industry.

Company trucks that get supervisors from site to site, light equipment that must be allocated to multiple jobs, and even heavy equipment that stays parked on the site can all benefit from GPS tracking.

For any type of construction business, Asset Tracking devices and Geofence settings can help streamline operations and protect investments.

Enhanced Vehicle Tracking for Construction Projects

There are several ways engineers and contractors can use a GPS system in the building industry. Although many people imagine large fleets or delivery trucks when they think of vehicle tracking, the technology can also be used for heavy equipment and vehicles that operate within a small local area. Consider how the following features could impact a construction business:

  • Asset protection – Site managers know the value of heavy equipment, and how tempting it is for vandals and thieves to damage or steal it. Setting up Geofences around construction sites will trigger an alert whenever a vehicle crosses a designated line. GPS based Asset Trackers on the equipment can additionally help track and recover stolen assets more quickly.
  • Asset allocation – Every construction business has limited resources that must be allocated wisely for efficient operations. Knowing where all of the equipment is located at any given time will allow managers to keep sites operational as much as possible, reducing downtime and wasted labor.
  • Equipment monitoring – Geofences around restricted areas can help ensure that employees follow site rules. Power take-off events can also be monitored to see when and how equipment is functioning. Other features, like idling reports, seat belt alerts, and ignition reports, help monitor employee driving habits, offering a big picture perspective, even when a manager can’t be on-site.

GPS vehicle tracking gives contractors and site managers useful knowledge about construction equipment and insights into the way assets are used in the field. This knowledge offers the power to make informed decisions about project management and resource allocation so managers can get the most out of valuable assets.

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