When the pandemic disrupted supply chains across the United States, it also accelerated incidents of cargo theft. According to the FBI, more than $15 billion in cargo was stolen either by being separated from a shipment or from the cargo hauler itself being stolen.

Standard GPS systems installed in a tractor-trailer can help you monitor where your truck is at all times—but if the truck is gone, you’ll only be able to watch it disappear. Just this spring, Ukrainian farmers watched helplessly as their expensive farm machinery was stolen by Russia and moved by truck hundreds of miles across the border.

The key for fleet managers is being able to use sophisticated GPS platforms to either prevent cargo theft in the first place or deal with it before the cargo or the trailer disappears. GPS Trackit’s industry-leading technology lets clients embed GPS tags in cargo and establish geofencing that monitors where and when cargo is moving within the fence.

Linking cargo trackers with geofencing does two important things. First, it lets fleet managers have real-time eyes on cargo, and take action before it leaves the area. Often, cargo can be intercepted before it leaves the facility, or law enforcement can find the stolen items within the first 24-hour window—which is when 90 percent of all successful recoveries happen.

Next, compiling cargo movement data lets fleet managers build predictive models about potential vulnerabilities. If you know where and when cargo frequently goes missing—and where it goes when it does—you’re able to allocate security resources more efficiently. One client reduced more than 75 percent of her organization’s cargo theft by implementing trackers and geofencing—and closing a vulnerability in her distribution yard’s exterior fencing.

Deploying cargo tracking and geofencing also usually reduces a fleet operator’s insurance costs, while providing customers peace of mind that their goods will be shipped safely and securely.

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