“When my vehicle was stolen I was able to lead the sheriff’s department across a three-county chase to where the vehicle was parked with a bunch of other stolen vehicles. Pretty cool!”

– Paul Johnston

Landtech Field Services, LLC, a Lafayette, Louisiana based company, is delivering solid management services for land surveying field crews.

In businesses since 2007, LFS, LLC manages crews in Louisiana and the surrounding states.

Being a small business,  Mr. Johnston needed a reliable vehicle location monitoring system to manage his fleet.

He also wanted to be able to:

  • Protect his fleet from possible theft.
  • Set limitations on idling and personal use of their vehicles.
  • Access information regarding his fleets when he is on the road.

With just three vehicles to track, the solution for Mr. Johnston was to implement the use of the L2000 GPS asset monitoring and protection device.

It provides an easy and cost-effective solution to anti-theft protection for any sized fleet and can be customized and expanded as your fleet and business grow.

Some of the features making the unit beneficial for LFS, LLC include:

  • Real-Time Vehicle Location and Status
  • Historical Movements of Fleet Vehicles
  • Custom Landmarks and Geofences
  • Motion Sensors for Anti-Theft Protection
  • Engine Idling Alerts and Reports
  • Track and Monitor Fleet Using PC, Laptop, or Smartphone

Establishing a GPS tracking solution allowing Mr. Johnston to create geofence locations has helped LFS, LLC. to track and locate their fleet regardless of where they are.

Businesses are able to save time and money by protecting their fleet with real-time alerts and reports from a reliable GPS tracking unit.

July 14, 2011, at 12:25 a.m., Mr. Johnston was in Texas when he received a text from his vehicle tracking software that his vehicle had left the geofence for his office.

Mr. Johnston was able to use the information from his GPS vehicle locator to contact his local sheriff’s department to recover his vehicle.

“I was in Texas working & I received the text messages that my vehicle had left the geofence of my office. I called the local police back home and explained what was happening. They transferred me to the local sheriff as the thief crossed parish lines,” stated Mr. Johnston.

At 1:45 a.m. police were able to recover his stolen vehicle parked behind a building among other stolen vehicles.

Using a vehicle monitoring system it took Mr. Johnston 80 minutes to track, locate, and retrieve his stolen fleet vehicle.

This saved him time and money as none was spent having to replace a stolen vehicle, repair any damages, or on any increases to insurance premiums.

Not to mention, using the Idle and Geofence reports with scheduled time alerts, Mr. Johnston is now able to improve driver accountability when field technicians use their vehicles for personal use.

To learn more about GPS Trackit products for asset monitoring and protection, click the link below.