Fuel Cards and Fleet ManagementOptimizing fuel budgets is a major component of good fleet management. Keeping this necessary line item to a minimum allows you to increase profits and have more cash on hand for other expenses. A GPS tracking system can help you reduce fuel costs in more ways than one:

  • Route optimization – Reduce the number of miles drivers cover in a day by using your GPS system to identify the most efficient routes. Fewer miles means less fuel consumption and every mile counts when it comes to fleet management.
  • Smart dispatching – Sometimes drivers have an unscheduled stop or need to respond to calls in the field. GPS tracking software will identify the closest driver and provide the fastest route for them to follow.
  • Reduce idling – One of the primary contributors to higher fuel costs is excessive idling. Use built-in idling reports to identify drivers that should modify their behavior.
  • Prevent speeding – Excessive speeding also has an impact on gas mileage, not to mention the potential safety issues. Monitor speeding reports or set up automated alerts to let you know when a driver goes over a certain speed limit.
  • Fuel card integration – Use fuel cards in combination with your GPS tracking system to better manage your budget and keep costs down.

Fuel Cards Foster Better Fleet Management

Integrating the use of fuel cards into your fleet management plan can help you save a lot of money throughout the year in the following ways:

  • Preferred providers – If you get fuel discounts with certain gas companies, you can ensure that drivers take advantage of these savings by filling up only at approved locations.
  • Misuse prevention – Unfortunately, you’ll occasionally be faced with a driver who is less than honest. Integrating fuel card use with your GPS tracking system will allow you to ensure that company cards are used only for your fleet and not for personal vehicles.
  • Track spending – Fuel cards can only be used for one purpose, which allows you to get a more clear picture of your spending.

Whether you already use fuel cards or plan to add them, make sure that your GPS tracking solution provider can help you integrate them into your overall fleet management plan. GPS Trackit offers this important feature so you can be sure that drivers go only to approved gas stations to fill up. Contact us today to learn more about fuel card integration and all the other great features we provide.

Do you use fuel cards with your fleet? How much money do they help you save each year?