As the year comes to a close, take a trip back with us as we highlight some of the biggest advancements that we’ve made in GPS Trackit Cloud to improve your fleet management experience. 

1. ETA Link

Our ETA Link feature makes it possible to let your customers know in real time when your business will arrive at their location right from your GPS Trackit platform. This information is sent to your client as a clickable link via text or email to prepare them for your team’s arrival. 

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2. Reports Enhancements

We’ve advanced our Reports this year so that you can immediately schedule a report with a specific report type, have daily ranges and Start/End times with specific criteria, pin recently generated reports, run specific reports, load all history, toggle through specific units/time frames, and delete generated reports individually or in bulk. These changes are available on Start Stop Idle, Mileage, Advanced Summary, and Moving Reports

We also added a new report type, Activity w/ Hour Meter, where your vehicle’s engine run time is broken down by Idle versus Move, shows the duration for events along with Location and Start Date/Time, and provides a running hour meter to show the increase of hours corresponding to engine usage.

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3. Behavior Reports Tab

Our improved Behavior Reports feature lets you set safety violation calculations on your GPS Trackit platform. Your fleet will accumulate “points” based on any safety violations and divide them by the number of days viewed to calculate the total Risk Factor. The lower the number, the lower your fleet’s risk on the road. You can also filter the results of Units or Drivers to show All, a Select List, by Tag, or by Risk Factor.  


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4. VidFleet – Request Video Feature

If you have VidFleet cameras, you’re familiar with video events automatically being clipped for review. You can select 60-second clips that are available for a period of time when your vehicle’s engine is running. Once the clips are ready, you can find them in the video tab for up to 90 days and download them. 

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5. Recent Alerts Dashboard

Through your GPS Trackit dashboard, you can view triggered Recent Alerts. This gadget provides an easily accessible and filterable list of details for those Alerts triggered within the selected date range. You can view recent alerts by Unit or Driver, and they can be filtered by choosing Tags or selecting individual items. 

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6. Landmarks & Geofences Improvements 

Landmarks and Geofences have improved usability, so you can easily manage your fleet’s location and route. Now you can toggle on/off visibility by clicking the Tag icon next to each Landmark/Geofence, easily manage and set custom icons, multi-select and bulk delete are supported, create a landmark in a square shape, and new options to create using Latitude/Longitude.


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7. Maintenance Feature Update

Providing maintenance reports to your mechanic just got easier. You can now download a list of steps and parts that need maintenance from your vehicle right from your Cloud platform to save you time and simplify communication with your vehicle technician. 

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8. Stopped Reporting Alert

Detect when your devices go offline by enabling the Stopped Reporting Alert. The minimum times for both cameras and GPS devices are updated to ensure the device is truly not connected before alerting you. 

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9. Driver Safety Assistance (DSA)

Correct driver behavior before it’s recorded with the new Driver Safety Assistance feature. The VidFleet AI+ camera performs audible in-cab coaching to your drivers when they trigger events like cell phone usage, distracted driving, close following, no seatbelt, and tailgating. 

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10. Camera as GPS

With Simplified Installation, your VidFleet cameras can now function as both a camera and GPS. This means there is no need for an additional tracking device in your vehicle.


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AEMP API Telematics Integration simplifies managing a fleet of vehicles by getting consistent, accessible, and accurate equipment data from multiple sources, regardless of the manufacturer. Integrating the AEMP API with our GPS Trackit platform transforms how you’ll view and manage your fleet’s operations with unprecedented data standardization, real-time data for proactive management, and optimized equipment lifecycle management.


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12. Maintenance Checklist Feature

Well-maintained vehicles are the backbone of effective fleet management. Now, you can create reminders and print out a checklist for preventative maintenance on your vehicle that includes estimated maintenance costs. To access the Maintenance feature, click the Maintenance tab on the left-hand menu of your Cloud platform.


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13. New GPS Trackit Driver Application

Our new GPS Trackit Driver Application brings Fleet Service Management to the next level. Replacing our previous FSM application, the GPS Trackit Driver app incorporates the feedback we’ve received over the years to elevate your experience. Some upgrades to this application include separate sections for routes and forms, a chat feature that allows you to communicate directly with your drivers, enhanced customization for building forms, and the ability to send individual stops to your drivers. We’ll be launching this application soon, so keep an eye out for more information!


Thank you to our GPS Trackit customers for another wonderful year! Have something you’d like to see on Cloud in 2024? Share your suggestions via the Feedback” tab on Cloud.