Fleet managers are responsible for making sure that all vehicles used by their organization are well-maintained and running safely. However, managing a fleet of vehicles can be a complex task that involves many challenges. The risk of burnout is real, and developing some strategies to offload some of that stress is crucial to thriving long term. Here are four pressing fleet manager challenges you’re probably facing, along with ways to deal with them.    Read More

You’ve done the math. The more you know about your equipment, the easier it is to keep it in the field—and the better your bottom line is. What is the best way to make that math work in your favor? Link heavy equipment and field service technology for the easiest and most efficient solution. With a platform like GPS Trackit, you can see where all your assets are in real-time, track their historical locations, manage maintenance, and make sure you’re quoting jobs accurately.     Read More

Even when the labor environment isn’t as tight as it is now, it’s still expensive to replace a valuable team member. It can cost more than two-thirds of a driver’s annual salary just to get a new person in the door—and that cost only goes up when you’re talking about one of your most valuable crew members. Keeping your highest-performing drivers in place is an important key to profitability, and the right fleet management software can help you do that. These tips will show you how to use this technology to manage driver retention more effectively. 

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