The traffic management landscape is ever-evolving, with law enforcement struggling under the pressures of budget constraints and increased demand. This is why many cities have turned to automated traffic cameras as a solution.

Because the surge in vehicle numbers and miles traveled starkly contrasts with the available law enforcement resources, the statistics become alarming: in 2021, red-light running crashes claimed 1,109 lives, tragically impacting pedestrians, bicyclists, and passengers in other vehicles. Furthermore, an estimated 127,000 people suffered injuries in such incidents. Automated traffic cameras tackle this problem head-on.

Automated traffic cameras are the future

This technology includes speed cameras, red-light cameras, and stop sign cameras. They are not without controversy, but surveys indicate a strong support base among drivers in cities where they are implemented. For example, about two-thirds of drivers in 14 major cities with red-light cameras endorse their use. The rationale behind automated traffic cameras is clear: to reduce the high incidence of crashes, deaths, and injuries resulting from dangerous driving behaviors.

There is significant variation in how they operate, ranging from cameras that capture a series of still photos to those recording video as vehicles pass through intersections. Crucially, they record the vehicle’s speed, license plate number, and the time elapsed since the traffic light turned red. In most cases, violations are addressed to the vehicle’s registered owner, enhancing accountability.

How do we adapt to these changes?

As fleet managers, how do we uphold our commitment to ensure their drivers adhere to traffic regulations with automated enforcement? Here’s where the AI-assisted dash cam technology from GPS Trackit becomes a game-changer. VidFleet AI + Dash Cam software offers an innovative response to the challenges posed by automated traffic cameras.

Dash cam software goes beyond mere compliance. With real-time in-cabin coaching and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), VidFleet actively contributes to safer driving practices. It detects and corrects unsafe behaviors like speeding, hard braking, and distracted driving. Features like collision warnings, tailgating alerts, lane departure notifications, and stop sign violation alerts further enhance driver awareness and safety.

Moreover, our AI video monitoring extends its utility to protecting your drivers and your company’s reputation. With features like no seatbelt, drowsy driving, and cell phone use alerts, VidFleet is a comprehensive solution for modern fleet management facing this new environment. 

Embrace the future of fleet safety and ensure your drivers and business thrive in an era of automated traffic cameras. Visit us now to contact our experts and receive a custom quote tailored to your specific needs!