We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new GPS Trackit Driver App, a significant upgrade from our previous FSM application.

This latest innovation offers a suite of powerful new features designed to streamline fleet management and help companies make their daily operations more efficient.

Driver Chat

Exciting New Features:

  • Direct Chat with Drivers: Enhance communication with a built-in chat feature, allowing real-time conversations with drivers through the Driver App.
  • Custom Form Builder: Tailor the app to your specific needs with a new custom form builder, enabling personalized data collection and reporting.
  • Route Assignment and Progress Tracking: Assign routes directly through the app and track progress in real-time, ensuring efficient and timely operations.
  • Driver Timecard Management: Manage driver hours and schedules more efficiently with the app’s timecard management feature, simplifying administrative tasks.
  • Expanded Reporting Options: Benefit from new report options, providing deeper insights into all Driver App features for better decision-making.

Leveraging the App for Enhanced Results: 

  • Improved Task Allocation and Monitoring: Allocate and monitor tasks more effectively, optimizing fleet operations and response times.
  • Data-Driven Fleet Management: Use the app’s data collection and reporting capabilities to make informed decisions, improving overall fleet performance.
Driver Routes
  • Increased Driver Accountability: Track and manage driver activities more accurately, leading to improved efficiency and safety.

The new GPS Trackit Driver App is more than an update; it’s a complete transformation of how fleet management can be conducted. By embracing these new features, companies can expect significant communication, efficiency, and operational insight improvements.

Experience the future of fleet management with the GPS Trackit Driver App. Contact us to learn more and see how these new features can revolutionize your fleet operations.

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