Using a GPS tracking system for trailers is a great way to monitor the locations of your vehicles, your products, and the status of shipments. However, like most things in life, not all tracking systems are created equal, and not all solutions are the best for every application. Even a high-quality GPS tracking system that is designed for fleet management might not be a good fit for trailer tracking.

GPS Trackers Used for Portable Traffic Safety Signs

How many times have you been behind the wheel and needed to change your plans to accommodate an accident, unexpected detour, or other alteration to the usual traffic pattern? It happens every day somewhere in your town or on the highway. Information about these changes and more is typically communicated to motorists via portable road signs who then use GPS navigation in their dashboards or on their phones to determine a new route.

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Can Asset Trackers Minimize Freight Delays?

Fleet managers use GPS asset management technology to keep tabs on their trucks as they deliver shipping containers all across the country. These managers like to know where their vehicles are at all times to ensure the product shipments are on track to reach their target destinations when they’re supposed to. Read More