GPS Trackit Announces Asset Tracker to Deter Trailer Theft

The GL500MG tracker for unpowered assets monitors vital equipment and prevents theft or loss.

Atlanta, GA, November 5, 2021 – GPS Trackit, a leading provider of video, fleet, and asset tracking systems, announced today it has launched the GL500MG – a universal asset management solution for business equipment without engine data.

Equipment theft remains a serious problem – as much as $1 billion worth of construction and farm equipment is stolen each year, according to estimates from the National Equipment Register and National Insurance Crime Bureau. Only 10-15% of stolen equipment is ever recovered, according to the International Risk Management Institute.

GPS Trackit’s GL500MG protects an array of unpowered assets including construction equipment, trailers, freight containers, generators, tool storage boxes, and recreational equipment.

The device’s powerful features, 5-year onboard battery, and durable housing help asset managers locate and control their equipment around the clock.

“Our new asset tracker is a universal, multipurpose device that helps companies protect the valuable assets that help their business grow,” said Ed Montes, GPS Trackit’s CEO. “As a leader in the IoT and fleet management industries, we want to provide the highest-value solutions to our customer base.”

The GL500MG complements GPS Trackit’s asset management product line that also includes solutions to monitor powered assets.

GL500MG Product Highlights:

  • Durable, waterproof shell
  • User update button immediately shares GPS coordinates
  • Geofences provide alert when asset leaves pre-set area
  • Lithium batteries last 5 years
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Wake up on motion
  • Tamper detecting magnet

What are some additional benefits to the GL 500 asset tracking device?

  • The User update button immediately shares GPS coordinates with Fleet Management.
  • With assets at multiple sites, you can see all your non-powered assets on one map. Using GPS asset tracking provides real-time tracking that works in theft prevention and recovery.
  • Protect valuable assets with geofence alerts to help you ensure devices stay where they should be.

The GL500MG is designed to help companies quickly recover stolen equipment, by increasing the data ping rate when an asset unexpectedly moves.

“We’ve designed the GL500MG to help companies quickly recover stolen or lost equipment to reduce loss,” said Michael Gill, GPS Trackit’s CTO.

The GL500MG is available now. 


About GPS Trackit

GPS Trackit is on a mission to improve fleet safety, increase operational efficiencies and lower costs by empowering customers with an intuitive user experience that turns vehicle and asset data into real-time actionable insights. More than 12,000 customers from across North and South America look to GPS Trackit’s award-winning IoT cloud platform for fleet and asset management and smart video telematics solutions that help them to drive more and better business, all supported by a team of caring hands-on advisors who have their backs 24/7. GPS Trackit is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. To learn more, visit

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