When it comes to knowing where your assets are, nothing beats the security of GPS asset tracking. By installing a small, unobtrusive GPS asset tracker on valuable items like trucks, heavy equipment, and construction tools, you can keep tabs on their location no matter where they are in the world. 

Because they use satellite technology, you can access their location data from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

How to find the best GPS asset tracker for you

In order to get the most out of your GPS asset tracker, it’s important to find a system that meets your specific needs. Here are a few things to consider: 

  1. What type of assets do you want to track?
  2. What features are important to you? 
  3. What’s your budget? 
  4. How often do you need updates on the location of your assets?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can begin researching different GPS asset tracking systems and find the one that’s right for you. For example, if you need a system that can track vehicles and heavy equipment in real time, then look for a company that offers both vehicle and asset tracking.

No matter what your needs may be, GPS asset tracking provides peace of mind by allowing business owners and individuals to keep tabs on their valuable possessions at all times.

Keeping track of your assets is essential for efficient operation, and with the help of GPS fleet tracking, you can do just that. By integrating fleet management with your asset tracking, you can get a complete view of your entire operation. This allows you to locate every asset at a moment’s notice, no matter where it is located.

For businesses with multiple sites, GPS asset tracking provides real-time monitoring from a single map. You can see all of your assets on one screen, making it easy to deploy them where they are needed most. In addition, geofence alerts let you know immediately if an asset moves out of its designated area. This helps to prevent theft and loss and keep your valuable equipment safe.

Asset tracking also helps you make the most of your resources by optimizing equipment use. With accurate data on how and when each piece of equipment is being used, you can ensure that everything is being deployed in the most effective way possible. Additionally, built-in tamper protection gives you peace of mind knowing that your tracker and assets are always together.

Overall, GPS fleet and asset tracking provide a comprehensive view of your entire operation, making it easier to manage and operate more efficiently. With real-time tracking and alerts, you can keep your assets safe and ensure that they are being used to their full potential.

How GPS Asset Tracking Protects Your Valuables

When it comes to tracking valuable assets, no technology is more reliable than GPS. The best part is that GPS asset tracking is a relatively low-cost solution; while there are some high-end options available, most trackers cost just a few hundred dollars per unit. And because they use satellite technology, you can access their location data from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

Some of the most common asset types protected with GPS asset tracking are:

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Containers & Trailers
  • Towables & Leave-Behinds
  • Power Equipment & Tools
  • Light Equipment
  • Personal Recreation
  • Farm Equipment / Lawn & Landscape

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Heavy equipment includes track bulldozers, graders, scrapers, backhoes, trenchers, excavators, cranes, pavers, mixers, and more. Bulldozers can cost $200,000 each, and more recent models can even exceed $1 million.

The National Equipment Register has previously estimated that equipment theft costs up to $1 billion a year. In European countries, equipment theft is estimated at 1.5 billion Euros per year.

When heavy equipment is stolen, it is often done so through coordinated efforts across many states. By using a GPS asset tracker, business owners can help law enforcement recover their stolen equipment and apprehend the criminals involved. After all, stolen equipment slows down construction projects and costs businesses time and money.

GPS asset trackers can also help business owners save on their insurance premiums since many insurance companies offer discounts for businesses that use GPS tracking.

Containers and trailers are often the targets of thieves because they can be easily sold on the black market. In fact, it’s estimated that $30 billion worth of cargo is stolen from trailers every year. 

How to keep equipment assets where they should be

GPSTrackit’s GPS asset tracker can help you keep your equipment assets in check. 

Asset trackers are a great way to keep track of your equipment and ensure that it stays in the proper location. By configuring pre-defined geofences, you can automatically receive alerts if your asset moves to an unexpected location. Additionally, the motion-activated wake-up feature ensures you’ll be notified when an asset moves, so you can take corrective action.

These measures help keep your equipment assets where they should be, preventing unnecessary headaches and lost time.

GPS trackers recover stolen equipment every day

GPS asset tracking isn’t just some pie-in-the-sky dream – it’s a reality that is helping businesses and law enforcement agencies recover stolen equipment every day. Thanks to the pinpoint accuracy of GPS tracking devices, police can often track down stolen items in a very short amount of time.

In one recent case, for example, a GPS tracker helped police locate and recover a stolen vehicle. Just as consumer vehicles are often recovered with the help of GPS, so is fleet equipment. For example, police in Clinton Township recovered a $165,000 stolen Caterpillar loader with the help of GPS.

And it’s not just heavy equipment that can be tracked with GPS – smaller items like generators and tool lockers can also be located with ease using this technology.

Thanks to GPS asset tracking, companies and law enforcement agencies are able to recover stolen equipment every day. This technology is revolutionizing the way we do business, and it’s here to stay.

GPS asset tracking used in container logistics

Beyond protecting assets against theft, GPS asset tracking has become an important tool for container logistics, as reported by FreightWaves. By providing accurate location data for containers, fleet managers can optimize their operations to move goods more quickly and efficiently.

Tracking data can be used to create maps of container movements, showing not only where a particular container is but also how long it has been in one spot and what routes it has taken. This information is essential for ports and terminals that need to optimize their operations to ensure that goods are moving through as quickly as possible.

GPS asset tracking is also being used to improve security at ports. By knowing the location of every container, port authorities can better monitor and control the movement of goods. This helps to prevent terrorist attacks or other security threats.

In the future, asset tracking may even more commonly use blockchain solutions to create an unbroken chain of custody for goods. This would provide even more transparency and security for supply chains around the world.

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