What Is Temperature Monitoring?

Keeping a consistent, optimal & compliant temperature in a refrigerated truck trailer is the key to delivering fresh food products across the nation. 

If a reefer’s temperatures fall above or below a healthy range, food can spoil, causing your trucking company costly losses.

GPS Trackit’s temperature monitoring system delivers convenient, real-time temperature data about your fleet to you. 

This enables you to address issues and fix areas of concern before it results in spoilage or losses — helping you comply with U.S. government standards for food safety, maximize your profits, and satisfy your customers.

Stay Cool and Compliant with Temperature Monitoring

GPS Trackit designed its trailer temperature monitoring system to help fleets meet today’s demanding delivery requirements. 

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), maintained by the Food and Drug Administration denotes exactly what is expected of trucking companies to safely deliver food products in the United States.

FSMA Requirements for Temperature Monitoring

Does your business need temperature monitoring?

While certain carrier operations have special requirements, every transportation operation that is subject to the FSMA rule is required to use the following:

  •  Measures (in the form of isolation, protective packaging, etc.) to protect food from raw food and nonfood contamination during transport.
  •  Measures (in the form of isolation, segregation, hand sanitization, etc.) to keep food that is not enclosed in a container from being subject to cross-contact or becoming contaminated during transport.
  •  Measures to ensure that TCS foods (foods requiring temperature control for safety) are given adequate temperature control during transportation.


Temperature Monitoring Gives You Real-Time Alerts

FSMA sets the standards for modern food production and handling processes, so adopting these standards quickly will save your business both time and hassle in the future.

The temperature monitoring system installed into each trailer will let you know exactly when product has been compromised or may be in danger. If the temperature drops in the refrigerated trailer below predetermined points, you will be immediately alerted. 

Even if a door was left open or another issue endangers the temperature of perishable goods, you will receive a real-time alert.

The temperature monitoring system will save your product, and it will save you money and stress.

How Temperature Monitoring Works

GPS Trackit’s Temperature Monitoring System keeps track of up to three temperature zones in each refrigerated trailer in your fleet, complying with FSMA Transportation and HAZMAT Compliant Routing.

You determine the temperature settings to monitor, and you will receive real-time reports right to your phone or desktop, updating you about the temperatures in the trailers on the road. GPS Trackit also provides you with fleet management guidance so that you will know where your deliveries are at all points.

The Best Fleet Management for Your Business

All of our fleet management tools work to preserve the health of your fleet, comply with FSMA food safety regulations, and provide the best service to your customers. 

Whether you’re hauling fresh produce across the states or operating a local food truck, our temperature monitoring system can help keep your business running smoothly. Temperature monitoring can save you thousands of dollars a year by eliminating spoiled merchandise.

Good, real-time temperature data gives you peace of mind. It gives you a trackable history of your products’ condition, should an issue arise. It stops spoilage and ends rejected deliveries. 

It also helps you track issues within your reefers, letting you know immediately of temperature concerns if anything should malfunction.

GPS Trackit is here to help you find solutions to the needs of your business and your fleet. If you’d like to learn more about our temperature monitoring and telematics solutions, speak with a Fleet Advisor.