With the complexities that come with running a modern fleet, managers need the best tools at their disposal. With the technology loaded into cutting-edge fleet management solutions, it’s easy to make things work using the speed and precision of automation instead of hours of analysis and paperwork. Here are five ways you can be a successful fleet manager:

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How Georgia Federal Agencies and Police Use GPS Tracking

Using GPS to Locate Criminals and Gather Evidence

Vehicle tracking systems have been used by government agencies as a way to gather evidence against crime. The advances in both GPS (Global Positioning System) and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology present many advantages as well as challenges for law enforcement use.  Read More

Safety in Field Service: A Top Concern for NY   

The Northeast United States is a major hub for field service operations. With its vast number of businesses and industrial sites, as well as its dense population, the region is a key market for companies that provide on-site service and support. Read More

Georgia Service Fleet Accidents Increase Costs

Every year, fleet vehicle accidents and the subsequent damage insurance and lawsuit claims are among the highest costs for businesses. The typical cost of a loss related to vehicle accidents is approximately $70,000. This is nearly twice the cost of the average workplace injury at $36,592. Read More