Happy drivers mean happy customers and better business. One of the best ways to build a culture that improves driver morale and retains your most experienced and talented drivers is to build a driver safety program using fleet dash cams. 


Why You Need Fleet Dash Cams

A video telematics system like GPS Trackit’s VidFleet takes video to the next level. Not only does it give real-time location information and video footage of both your driver and what he or she sees, it also uses artificial intelligence to anticipate potentially distracted behavior. Your drivers–and your assets–are protected. 


What Gets Measured Gets Done

The data collected by a fleet dash cam lets you build a “best practices” guide for your drivers. Measuring drivers on a straightforward driver scorecard that gives them a ranking for their safety and efficiency creates a clear directive for what kind of behavior will be rewarded. Fleet management tools can track anything from rates of acceleration and braking to a driver’s level of engagement or distraction during a particular assignment. 


The data also lets you build a positive coaching program that provides drivers with feedback on their performance and behavior while also encouraging them to make improvements where necessary. By taking this approach, drivers will be more likely to respond positively and take ownership of their actions instead of feeling attacked or criticized. 


Recognize Your Strongest Performers

A major element in employee retention? Rewarding team members for elite performance. When your drivers go above and beyond and crush their driver scorecard ratings, they should be recognized and given financial incentives for that behavior. It costs two-thirds of an annual salary to replace even an average crew member. Lose an experienced, high-performing driver and that penalty becomes exponentially more painful. 


Support Drivers with Fleet Dash Cams


More than 80 percent of all accidents between fleet vehicles and passenger cars are the fault of the passenger car driver. That reality means having a fleet dash cam in every vehicle is critical. With video evidence available at all times, it makes it easier for insurance companies and law enforcement officers to assess fault accurately and quickly in the event of an accident or other incident involving one of your vehicles–and exonerate your drivers from false accusations.  


Avoid Accidents Before They Happen

Video telematics systems like VidFleet gather real-time data from onboard cameras and GPS tracking devices to monitor driver performance. This data is instantly analyzed by advanced algorithms which assess the driver’s behavior for any signs of risky driving. For example, if a driver is getting tired, the system can recognize the visual signs of grogginess and offer an audible warning. Distracted by a cell phone or other device? A similar warning can chime in and direct the driver’s attention on the road. With these advanced warnings–and a robust driver safety coaching program–fleet managers can give their team members every tool they need to drive tens of thousands of trouble-free miles. 

GPS Trackit’s experienced Fleet Advisors have helped hundreds of clients build driver safety programs that have protected thousands of drivers and saved tens of thousands of dollars in accident costs. To get a free, customized demo for your business, set up a call today.