The best field service management tools pull double duty. They make it possible for managers and dispatchers to “see” all trucks at a glance for better decision-making. And they also make drivers’ on-road experiences safer and more efficient. 

GPS Trackit’s field service management tools accomplish these tasks with three essential features, among others: artificial intelligence-powered in-cabin alerting, two-way messaging between driver and base, and fleet-wide driver scorecards.

VidFleet In-Cabin Alerts

GPS Trackit’s class-leading VidFleet system uses a road-facing and driver-facing camera in combination with an artificial intelligence system that reacts to potentially distracted driver behavior by producing an in-cabin warning. Drivers quickly learn to respond to the warning, retrain their focus, and change their behaviors overall to avoid prompting the system’s warnings in the first place. As a field service management tool, in-cabin alerts keep drivers focused on the road while also giving managers real-time notifications about potential instances of distracted or dangerous driving. With better information, they can make staffing and routing decisions that keep drivers and trucks safe.

Driver Scorecards

By aggregating a driver’s performance on a series of fleet-wide measurables, managers have a powerful tool for evaluating and rewarding performance. With dozens of available metrics—from average fuel economy to how a given driver uses the accelerator and brakes—scorecards can be as simple or as sophisticated as desired. Fleetwide statistics help operators make big picture decisions, and driver-specific stats can create productive competition for recognition and rewards. One client published a driver scorecard that revealed her top ten crews on a designated collection of fuel economy metrics every week. Drivers competed to be recognized in the top ten—and ultimately make it to No. 1. At a time when the average new hire can cost an operator almost $10,000, retaining experienced drivers by rewarding—and recognizing—their excellence is good personnel management practice. 

Two-way Messaging 

Smartphones can be a dumb way to communicate when a vehicle is in motion thanks to the distraction factor. The best field service management tools give operators the ability to communicate with drivers within the tool about basics like job status and scheduling. Drivers can offer updates that work in tandem with the GPS-enabled tool to give managers the “how” and “why” to go with the “where” they can see on their screen. 

To learn more about how a GPS Trackit field service management tool can save you money and make life easier for your crews, schedule a free demo with a Fleet Advisor today.