With the complexities that come with running a modern fleet, managers need the best tools at their disposal. With the technology loaded into cutting-edge fleet management solutions, it’s easy to make things work using the speed and precision of automation instead of hours of analysis and paperwork. Here are five ways you can be a successful fleet manager:

Real-time, 24-7 Visibility

Each monitoring device on a platform like GPS Trackit’s has an always-on geolocating function. That means a fleet manager can tell at a glance where every truck is on a Google-Maps-based interface. Check routes, determine progress, monitor delays and anticipate problems. It’s all easier and more efficient with a fleet-wide monitoring system. 

Safety and Security

A platform like GPS Trackit’s VidFleet solution uses two-way, GPS-enabled in-cab cameras to keep track of what’s happening both inside and outside the cab. Managers have a video record of any potential incidents or accidents, and the driver-facing camera works with industry-leading artificial intelligence to recognize potentially distracting behavior and give an audible warning. It keeps drivers, vehicles, and cargo safer—as well as offers potential premium savings through many insurance providers. 

Better Decisions with Advanced Data

GPS Trackit’s suite of measurable metrics gives managers the ability to dive deep into the data and find ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency. From monitoring fuel consumption to analyzing route coverage to capturing more accurate time and distance information for better job price quoting, the reporting on GPS Trackit’s customizable dashboard lets managers see the trends that have the biggest impact on the bottom line. 

Driver Coaching

With the fleetwide driver performance metrics provided by technology solutions, it’s easy to stay in front of trends that could impact safety and efficiency—and schedule training to change those behaviors. Coaching drivers on how to avoid aggressive driving can impact fleet fuel consumption by up to 40 percent in stop-and-go traffic—which could mean thousands in fuel cost savings. 

Driver Retention 

In a historically tight job market, experienced drivers with a track record of safety and efficiency want to work for a fleet manager who recognizes their value. With a driver scorecard system like GPS Trackit’s, managers can rank and reward drivers who perform best on chosen metrics like on-time delivery, fuel efficiency, hard stop, and hard acceleration avoidance. When the best drivers see their efforts are rewarded, they’re more inclined to stay. Lower turnover means less transition and training expenses. According to one study, it costs more than $8,000 to onboard a new driver.

For more information on how GPS Trackit can help you save money and improve efficiency, set up a free demo with a Fleet Advisor today.