As scorching heat and violent storms rip through the Midwest this spring and early summer, fleet managers are looking for any extra intel they can find to keep drivers safe, reduce delays and keep supply chains intact. That’s where GPS tracking technology comes in.

With a platform like GPS Trackit’s Fleet Management solution, managers can have real-time information overlaid on a Google Maps-based dynamic map—showing everything from current location, speed, and driver behavior or projected route. Managers can use detailed weather reports and forecasts to create customized geofences for each vehicle—directing them into the safest, most efficient weather corridors.


The most sophisticated fleet management platforms also offer continuous load temperature monitoring and vehicle maintenance reports—two features that dramatically reduce costs. By tracking load temperatures in real-time, fleet managers can make sure climate-sensitive cargo is making it through extreme weather intact, providing peace of mind for customers. By tracking and staying ahead of maintenance, each truck in the fleet is well prepared for the notorious weather variances in the central and upper Midwest—punishing heat in the summer and demanding cold and snowfall in winter.


GPS Trackit’s Fleet Management solution integrates with its Field Service tool—a two-way messaging system that integrates with drivers’ mobile devices to provide customized route information and updates and paperless cargo processing. Drivers can concentrate on the road while fleet managers plot routes ahead and around threatening weather. On average, GPS Trackit clients are saving TK AMOUNT per truck per month thanks to improved routing, driver, and fuel management.

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