We get it—summer is your jam. You’re probably itching to soak up those rays at the beach, get a tan, and scout for the next ice-cold refreshment. But as a fleet manager, you’re no stranger to the fact that the summer heat throws some serious curveballs your way.

Picture overheated engines sizzling under the relentless sun and drivers feeling like they’ve been through a marathon on those scorching highways. It’s a fleet efficiency challenge!

Therefore, we’re here with some hot tips to help you beat the summer heat (as 2024 may become one of the hottest years on record), keep your vehicles and drivers cool, and cruise at peak fleet efficiency.

Embrace the Power of Shade

Like finding that perfect spot under a beach umbrella, providing shade for your vehicles can work wonders in keeping them cool. Encourage drivers to park in shaded areas, under trees, in covered parking lots, or utilizing sunshades whenever possible. Not only does this help prevent your vehicles from turning into mobile saunas, but it also reduces the strain on air conditioning systems, ultimately saving fuel.

Keep Your Coolant Cool

Your vehicles’ cooling systems are your first line of defense against overheating, so keeping them in top shape is crucial. Regularly check coolant levels and ensure that cooling systems are properly maintained and flushed according to manufacturer recommendations. Consider using coolant additives designed to improve heat transfer and enhance cooling efficiency, giving your engines the chill they need to stay frosty under pressure.

Quench The Summer Thirst

Encourage drivers to stash extra water bottles in their vehicles to stay hydrated and energized during those long hauls. This will help keep operations safe from health concerns and maintain peak fleet efficiency.

Get Your Fleet Efficient With Proper Maintenance

Schedule routine inspections to check for signs of wear and tear, paying special attention to tires, brakes, and cooling systems. Then, if anything pops up, tackle it—pronto!

Some crucial maintenance aspects are often overlooked but deserve your attention:

Keep Brake Fade at Bay:

Replace worn-out tires with heat-resistant ones designed to withstand high temperatures and ensure brake fluids are topped up and in good condition to prevent brake fade.

Stay Inflated, Stay Safe:

Keep an eye on tire pressure, ensuring it stays within recommended levels. Properly inflated tires improve fuel efficiency and enhance traction and handling, which is crucial for fleet efficiency on hot summer roads.

Power Up for Fleet Efficiency

Regularly check your battery’s health as temperatures rise. Extreme heat can accelerate battery fluid evaporation and lead to corrosion, so ensure your battery is in top shape to avoid getting stranded under the scorching sun.

Fight the Rust:

Be vigilant against corrosion. Regularly inspect vulnerable areas for signs of corrosion, especially on battery terminals and metal components. Then, take proactive measures to prevent rust from spreading.

Stay Connected Against Summer Heat:

Check electrical connections and wiring harnesses for any signs of wear or damage, ensuring everything stays securely connected and functional.

Use robust software for maintenance reminders to keep track of all the upkeep that needs to be done. This way, you can avoid potential problems and keep fleet efficiency even when the mercury rises.

Prep For Fleet Efficiency

Implement regular vehicle inspections and tune-ups before summer hits. Addressing any maintenance issues early ensures optimal performance, reduces downtime, and enhances overall fleet efficiency during the demanding summer months.

Refreshing Technology

In this era of smart everything, why not equip your fleet with the latest innovations to help it overcome the summer heat? GPS Trackit offers various features designed to assist you in crucial areas.

Our Fuel Efficiency Tools are invaluable for managing expenses during the hotter months when air conditioning usage increases, leading to higher fuel consumption. You can:

  • Set up alerts and generate scheduled reports to reduce engine idle time
  • View and analyze data to compare vehicle and driver performance
  • Monitor fuel purchases, maintenance, fuel levels, driver efficiency, and more.

Our GPS Trackit Driver App is a versatile communication tool for interacting with your drivers and assigning tasks. It ensures constant connectivity, allowing you to assist them during heat-related emergencies or unexpected situations.

Beat The Heat With Fleet Efficiency

So there you have it—scorching hot tips to help you keep your fleet and drivers cool, calm, and collected this summer. With planning and smart technology, you can defy the summer heat and ensure that your fleet dominates the season. Now contact us, go forth, and conquer the summer roads!