Happy Birthday, America! It’s time to celebrate our independence and the audacious American spirit—bold, inventive, and totally fearless.

It’s also the perfect moment for fleet managers to bask in the glory of our land of opportunity, where freedom fuels innovation and the relentless pursuit of more efficient fleet solutions.

Fleet Management with a Bold Frontier Spirit

At GPS Trackit, we live for innovation. By and large, our team is all about breaking barriers and pioneering advancements that redefine fleet solutions. And what better occasion than the 4th of July to roll out some revolutionary innovations that will take your operations to the next level?

(Image: Patriotic icon displayed on each new feature)

1. Solar-Powered Asset Tracking

Harnessing the Sun for Ultimate Efficiency

Use the sun’s power to monitor your assets 24/7! With our brand-new Solar-Powered Asset Tracker, you get seamless, eco-friendly, and dependable fleet solutions anywhere. With this in mind, you can say goodbye to the hassle of battery swaps and hello to uninterrupted service, even in the middle of nowhere.

Uninterrupted Service

Forget frequent battery swaps—this solar-powered marvel offers uninterrupted service, even in the most remote locations. Moreover, real-time motion updates and alerts help prevent theft and provide around-the-clock insight into your assets.

Long-Lasting and Maintenance-Free

Boasting a 10-year lifespan, zero battery maintenance, and USB-C emergency recharging, this tracker is your ticket to slashing labor and travel costs while staying green. Due to reliable solar recharging, the tracker stays in the field for a decade. For this reason, it becomes the ultimate tool for sustainable and profitable asset management.

Green and Profitable

Solar recharging is eco-friendly and a smart business move in fleet management. For instance, keeping trackers in the field for a decade cuts down on maintenance costs and reduces your carbon footprint. In sum, it’s the perfect blend of sustainability and profitability.

2. Custom Map Layers: Your Field, Your Way

GPS Trackit’s new Custom Map Layers feature is now available to all GPS Trackit platform users! In effect, this game-changing tool allows you to upload KML or KMZ files to create personalized map layers for various needs, like planning road closures or highlighting specific areas.

Experience Real Fleet Solutions Right on Your Screen

Easily toggle layers on or off, center the map on any layer, and view detailed information with a click. This free and user-specific feature provides a customized and efficient fleet management experience.

3. User-Initiated Device Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot with Ease

Within the GPS Trackit web platform, you can now troubleshoot your devices directly from the map’s information bubble or the unit settings view in the status tab. Indeed, this handy tool checks installation status, cellular connection, current location, engine hours, and odometer values, giving you immediate insights into your device’s performance.

Seamless Fleet Management Support

If any step in the troubleshooting process fails, don’t worry! In any case, you can chat with support at any stage, and the support rep will see the steps you’ve already taken, saving you from repeating information.

Level Up Your Fleet Solutions This 4th of July!

Celebrate this Independence Day with state-of-the-art technology that embodies the American spirit of boldness and ingenuity. All in all, these new solutions seamlessly complement our existing offerings: AI-assisted high-definition VidFleet dash cams, a comprehensive suite of GPS fleet management software tools that are constantly updated and improved based on customer feedback, ELD compliance solutions, and robust asset tracking. Together, they ensure your fleet operates at peak performance, reflecting the resourcefulness and innovation that define our great nation.

Contact us today to learn more about how our cutting-edge fleet management solutions can revolutionize your operations. Let’s take your fleet to the next level together!