Time to meet your latest game-changing ally in fleet management: the Custom Map Layers feature from GPS Trackit. This tool is more than another addition to your dashboard; it’s the upgrade that will revolutionize how you oversee and program your fleet operations.

Firstly, let’s delve into the benefits and see how this new feature can elevate your management prowess.

1 Plan Smooth Fleet Operations

Bye guesswork, hello precision! To begin with, you can quickly identify and highlight preferred routes or restricted zones. Also, visualize traffic patterns, construction areas, and accident-prone zones to arrange travel paths efficiently. Get your fleet where it needs to go faster and safer.

2 Keep Your Fleet Operations Safe and Compliant

Safety and compliance made simple! Highlight areas with specific driving regulations, speed limits, and hazardous zones to keep your drivers informed and safe. With Custom Map Layers, your fleet can easily see and adhere to necessary guidelines, ensuring compliance is always a breeze.

3 Monitor and Manage Assets Effortlessly

Track all your fleet assets in relation to critical infrastructure like warehouses, distribution centers, and client locations. Furthermore, you can accurately manage high-value assets, ensuring nothing is out of place or sight. Moreover, custom alerts and notifications enhance your monitoring capabilities, keeping you informed and proactive in every fleet operation.

4 Gain Insight with Geographic Analysis

Turn data into actionable insights. Analyze your fleet operations in specific geographic areas to identify trends and areas for improvement. Generate custom reports based on geographic data to inform your strategic decisions. Then, with these insights, you always have a clear overview.

5 Enhance Coordination and Customer Service

Custom map layers facilitate seamless communication and coordination in your fleet operations. In order to improve planning and understanding, you can share custom maps with drivers and team members. In similar fashion, you can provide accurate ETAs and respond quickly to inquiries about delivery times and vehicle locations to improve customer service and enhance reliability and efficiency.

6 Custom Map Layers for Your Unique Fleet Operations

Tailor the platform to your business’s specific needs and preferences, highlighting areas of interest or concern. In general, this will generally make the system more intuitive and user-friendly. Consequently, this customization ensures the platform works for you, providing a personalized user experience that meets your operational demands.

7 Proactive Maintenance and Risk Management

Stay ahead with proactive maintenance scheduling by marking service locations and facilities on your map. Ensure vehicles are always in peak condition and within reach of necessary services. Mitigate risks by highlighting areas with high crime rates or poor road conditions, ensuring compliance with insurance requirements, and focusing more on growth.

Get Started with Custom Map Layers

Adding custom map layers for your fleet operations is a breeze. In short, click the layer button from the map view and select the option for KML or KMZ files. You can upload your layers and label each one. Toggle layers on and off and easily center the map on any layer. Note that while Google Maps supports up to 10 layers at a time, this feature is free and user-specific, providing unparalleled customization.

[Image proposal: GIF animation of a Map Layer being added]

Where to Source KML/KMZ Files?

  • Third-party Data Sources: Download relevant datasets from organizations and government agencies.
  • Manual Creation: Write KML code yourself using a text editor.
  • GIS Software: Convert various data formats into KML/KMZ using Geographic Information Systems software.
  • Online Tools: Generate KML/KMZ files with platforms like BatchGeo or Google My Maps.

And the best part…

Another key point: leveraging this feature comes at no additional cost. It’s an inclusive feature designed to enhance your fleet management capabilities without affecting your budget.

Expand Your Fleet’s Operations!

Contact us to learn more about the Custom Map Layers feature and experience the difference it makes. Undoubtedly, this tool will exceed your expectations, driving your fleet management to new heights. In sum, Stay connected, stay efficient, and stay ahead with GPS Trackit!