The Distraction of Eating & Driving for Truck & Van Drivers

Discussions on the issue of distracted driving tend to focus on the most prevalent problem: cell phone use. However, fleets that are looking to combat driver distraction in their operations effectively would be remiss to not address another problematic driver distraction: eating and driving.

So, before autonomous cars arrive and allow fleet drivers to easily munch on the go in their work vehicles, fleets should consider how detrimental eating and driving can be regarding the safety of their drivers and vehicles.

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The Telematics Benefits That Matter to Fleet Managers

Telematics and GPS solutions have evolved and adapted to new industry innovations to match the growing needs of fleet managers.

As of 2018, 30-40% of the fleet market was reported to be using a telematics product 1, a percentage that is still continuing to grow as more fleets find these solutions increasingly valuable to their business.

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How to Reduce Fleet Maintenance Problems

Your job as a fleet manager or fleet owner is complex because you have to manage preventive maintenance, service history, multiple service dates, manufacturer recalls and track the costs of many vehicles in your fleet. This work is more complicated when the data is spread across multiple systems, spreadsheets and paper documents.

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