Users Review GPS Fleet Management Solutions

If you are a business owner or manager responsible for a fleet of vehicles and you are responsible for selecting a fleet management software system, you may be wondering which one is right for you. Choosing the right fleet management system can be difficult. When making any product choice, you should do your research and ask your friends and colleagues for referrals. 

We know that you have enough to do, so we’re going to make it easy for you by introducing you to some new online friends and sharing some of their public reviews of GPS Trackit’s suite of fleet management products.

How do I manage a fleet of vehicles?

Anyone managing a fleet of vehicles handles equipment, personnel, and customer issues, is juggling numerous balls including:

  • tracking vehicle location
  • ensuring public safety and protecting the business’s reputation by hiring qualified employees, then training and supervising drivers effectively
  • planning optimized routes to maximize customer satisfaction and save on fuel costs
  • updating vehicle maintenance records and scheduling services including oil changes, tire rotations, and more

Managing these tasks with pencil and paper is time-consuming and expensive. Fleet management software can make this easy. Tim Dickinson, Assistant Vice President of Power and Construction Group in Scottsville, New York, brought GPS Trackit in to help him. He says, “We started this relationship as an experiment to see how GPS tracking of vehicles could impact our operations as a construction company. The first 10 vehicles tracked eventually grew to 168 and is on its way to our full fleet of over 200 vehicles. 

The initial interest was in preparing State Mileage reports. That process went from a manual effort requiring 1 hour per truck per month for 30 vehicles to six clicks of the mouse to handle all vehicles for the month. That savings alone paid for the cost of the units. 

Then came ELDs and we had a very easy-to-implement solution. The GPS tracking units made the transition to Electronic Logs much easier and in 4 months start to finish, we had moved from 100% paper logs to 100% electronic logs. Definitely made a recent DOT audit much easier. I highly recommend GPS Trackit. Your fleet management life will be simplified and the data you can gather will help you make informed decisions with predictable results.”

In reviewing GPS Trackit online, Bob Hall from Traffic Control Safety Services gave the product five stars and calls it a “great way to keep track of equipment.” He continues, “We used to keep track of our equipment’s location on paper. This was ok when we only had 10-15 pieces to keep track of. Now we have almost 200 pieces of equipment and it moves around 24/7/365. It would be nearly impossible to keep track of it without GPS Trackit.

What is the main use of a fleet management tool?

Businesses use fleet management software in various ways depending on the space in which they operate. Some are most interested in vehicle or asset tracking. Others might be looking for video telematics or an easy way to ensure ELD compliance. GPS Trackit customers – delivery services, home repair companies, landscapers and lawn care providers, pool service organizations, and more – are using our products in all these ways. 

Wes Alcott, of Kruse Feed and Supply in Southern California, likes to know where his trucks are and how his staff is driving. He finds the geofencing capability especially helpful. He says, “The Geo-Fence feature is amazing. It lets us set up a custom area on the map that will trigger an alert when a truck has entered or left the area. This was extremely helpful to us since our staff could get notifications when our truck was in the area they should be. The speed monitoring was also a great feature since it shows how fast the trucks are going along with the posted speed limit for the street they are on.”

How do I choose a fleet management system?

When choosing a fleet management system, there is a great deal to consider. You’ll need to evaluate factors including:

  • product capability
  • cost
  • ease of installation and use
  • customer service

The first three items on the list are easy enough to quantify. What does the product offer? Can your budget support the expense? Does your staff have the know-how to put it in place or will you need help? 

The fourth is more intangible. Every supplier out there vows to stand behind their product. How do you separate the truth from the empty promises? If you were shopping for a new computer, you’d talk to friends and neighbors and ask about their experiences calling tech support. Was it easy to get through? Were you able to easily understand the advisor? Did you get the help you needed? 

Here’s what Elizabeth Donald, Administrative Assistant at Superior Pool Service in Lewisville, Texas wants you to know: “GPS Trackit is incredibly easy to use, has one of the best customer support teams, and has so many awesome features that make tracking our fleet so much easier. From the very beginning, I have been impressed with this software and this company. Their customer service is incredible and very intentional in making sure the customer is satisfied. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Are you ready to learn more? Talk to a Fleet Advisor today.

What is the best fleet management software to choose?

When choosing a fleet management system, you’re going to want one that offers everything you need:

  • real-time vehicle and asset tracking
  • outstanding real-time driver communication
  • driver and forward-facing dashcams with event alerts and artificial intelligence
  • accurate ELDs

These features will be critical whether you’re operating in construction, pool service, lawn care, plumbing, delivery, HVAC, or any other space. Peter Graham, owner of Peter Graham Marine in Hopewell Junction, New York, offers boat sales and repairs and fishing classes to area residents and vacationers. He says, “[GPS Trackit is] the best purchase I have ever made for my business!  I was given total control over knowing where my vehicles were and what they were doing with fuel consumption which in turn saved me some money. Since the installation of this program, accidents have been cut down drastically since the drivers know that the management is monitoring them via fleet management software and I safely know where my vehicles are.”

Randy Garner of Pacific Northwest Marble and Granite in Hubbard, Oregon knows that his company’s relationship with GPS Trackit has been valuable. He says, This has truly been a great investment for the company in order to be more efficient with our crews in the field. We are able to know where they are in an instant and are able to contact them if need be to detour them to an unexpected service call if we are already in the area. Being able to rerun a previous day’s routes has proven to be quite helpful as well. It also has helped keep our crews more accountable to their locations.”

You can simplify your life by selecting the right fleet management software, too.

If you’d like to learn more about how GPS Trackit can help to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce costs for your business, speak with one of our knowledgeable Fleet Advisors at 866-320-5810 or get a quick Custom Quote.

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