Precision and timing are of the utmost importance when it comes to responding to medical emergencies. Once a call comes into any dispatcher, events begin to happen at a whirlwind pace, and decisions have to made in a matter of seconds. The utilization of ambulance GPS vehicle tracking systems eliminates the inefficiency of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) dispatch and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) volleying back and forth while trying to get vital assistance to the scene of the emergency.

Locating the emergency response unit closest to the dispatch location consumes time that could mean the difference between getting there just at the right moment or a minute too late. Perhaps the EMT is traveling to an unfamiliar area and needs specific directions to help them quickly get to the location. GPS vehicle tracking systems offer a multipurpose tool that can be used to resolves all of these issues.

Better Ambulance Response Times

GPS vehicle tracking systems are not limited geographically, whether in urban or rural areas. At a glance, EMS GPS tracking systems let dispatchers know exactly where their mobile units are at any given moment. Real-time location detection aids in delivering desperately needed medical care. Turn by turn navigation information helps to further improve ambulance response time.

Eco-Friendly EMS

Save trees while saving lives. Reconciling revenue and expenditures can be an overwhelming and time-consuming venture but GPS vehicle tracking systems help EMS providers save time with paperless detailed documentation of mobile unit data, such as mileage or fuel expenditures. Virtual error-free billing detail helps diminish time spent dealing with customer disputes with verification of services readily available and accessible.

Schedule Maintenance, Eliminate Risks And Preserve Valuable Assets

Prevent inopportune vehicular incidents by keeping those valuable mobile units operating safely. GPS vehicle tracking systems simplify the handling of routine maintenance care with the ability to schedule reminders. They also help to discern whether drivers are behaving responsibly behind the wheel. The convenience of driver safety alerts and behavior reports let you know how they are performing.

GPS vehicle tracking systems have a wide range of applications that can be used to greatly improve the quality and productivity of EMS operations. The comprehensive real-time documentation capabilities these systems offer operate seamlessly in any environment, delivering data when it’s needed the most.