Six Benefits of GPS Tracking for Law Enforcement 

There is a wide range of GPS-based devices and smartphone applications that facilitate the tracking of movements of investigative targets, illicit materials, and high-value property. Although law enforcement agencies have used some of these various tracking technologies over the years, GPS tracking stands out as the most reliable in the market.

Hence, police departments and federal agencies have adopted GPS tracking technology for public safety, leading to an increase in efficiency and reduced costs when carrying out daily activities. 

How does GPS help law enforcement?

Amid the many benefits of a GPS unit is that it transmits information in real-time, which enhances police performance. GPS fleet tracking systems allow the police to collect data associated with vehicle locations without having to be present at all times. The systems are equipped with technology that allows the collection of data within a particular radius accurately causing information to flow and be collected as evidence. Moreover, police can better manage the workings and coordination of their activities by incorporating GPS into their everyday routine. 

GPS tracking devices designed for surreptitious installation (external magnetic or internal hardwire) are used by law enforcement for tracking persons, vehicles or other targeted property. These include containers secreting illicit substances or criminal instruments such as clandestine lab hardware or illicit tableting devices and pill presses. Tracking devices can be configured for active pinging (i.e. sending continuous location data) or triggered pinging (data sent when device movement is detected or some other programmed triggering event). 

A GPS device in patrol cars and air units allows for active public safety GPS tracking and can pinpoint the exact location of each vehicle in the fleet. This of course enables the officers to better coordinate their operations. In the event a vehicle goes missing, its location can easily be tracked for example. The device can also monitor if officers stick to their assigned zones and traffic conditions, which allows police officers to respond faster to alerts while avoiding traffic congestions.

Providing law enforcement teams with the most effective and reliable tools is critical for ensuring they have the assets required to do their jobs. 

The Six Benefits of GPS Tracking For Law Enforcement 

By using a GPS fleet management software tool, police tracking is greatly improved as dispatchers can see which routes may have a lack of enforcement, and redirect a patrol car to those areas in order to improve coverage. Whether improving routes, calling for backup, or keeping an eye on a team in the field, GPS vehicle tracking provides many benefits for law enforcement and other first responders. Here are some of these benefits:

  1. Real-time location technology: enables dispatchers to identify the closest officer when an emergency call comes in. By simply entering an address the GPS tracking system identifies the closest vehicle and provides the most efficient route, which can increase response times and lower fuel expenses.
  2. Reliable geo-location: enhances calls for backup support, better enables teams to arrive promptly and where needed, and enhances timely response to make a difference. Even when privacy device location settings are blocked, the geo-location of devices can be tracked via cell tower activation and connection. 
  3. Immediate updates during pursuits: dispatchers and team leaders are able to monitor all vehicles while pursuing suspects so tactical decisions can be made on the fly. During a multi-vehicle pursuit, the entire team can see where the rest of the vehicles are located to ensure all bases are covered.
  4. Remote management allows the set up of alerts and monitoring of activity from headquarters, dispatch centers, or mobile devices from the field. 
  5. Passive and Historical Tracking: the data provides accurate, objective records that show where a vehicle was located at any given time, if it was moving and how long it stayed at a particular location. The reports can be instrumental when presented in court as evidence. Smartphone-based map applications such as Google Maps, Waze, MapQuest, Apple Maps, or Scout record the historical movement of their device users depending on privacy settings. Thus, the historical movements of persons using and/or in possession of smartphone devices can be accessed and reconstructed.
  6. Aviation units: in many cases law enforcement relies on and utilizes aviation units to intensify the effectiveness of the pursuit. By using a computerized system integrated with GPS, aviation controls can deploy patrol units on the ground to the exact location where events are happening.

GPS units are therefore invaluable to law enforcement as a navigation tool for both air and ground units. Retired Police Officer and former DEA Special Agent, Frank Hidalgo Jr. states “The use of GPS tracking devices allows law enforcement to access significant information employing court orders, and requiring Internet as well as cell device service providers to turn over historical digital location data for specific devices and accounts.”

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Grow Accountability and Transparency 

Today police officers are facing more scrutiny, and public safety GPS tracking is a dynamic tool that upholds the community’s trust in their divisions as well as local precincts. This requires robust fleet management gear for creating transparency and holding up accountability in the field. 

GPS units, along with dashboard and body cams, have become a standard in protecting public and law enforcement teams, including police officers and agents. The use of GPS tracking technology can supplement trust-building by helping police accurately track when and where officers and their vehicles have traveled.

GPSTrackIt offers a range of GPS tracking solutions to support law enforcement’s decision-makers for adequate selection of key technology tools for departmental needs, as well as get up to speed on all features offered. Our fleet management software solutions rely on a network of satellites and cellular towers that officers can count on for consistent coverage. 

Contact GPS Trackit at 866-320-5810 to learn more about how we can help to improve law enforcement and public safety, increase productivity and reduce costs for your law enforcement teams. Visit our website at for more information, or call our knowledgeable Fleet Advisors for a quick custom quote!

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