GPS Trackit users operating with the map feature now have a new level of control and transparency—and a new way to give clients up-to-the-minute information on technician arrival times.

Using the ETA Link, fleet managers can select a vehicle in the Maps tab within the GPS Trackit platform and enter a location either by address, map click, or landmark. That produces a Google-Maps-generated estimated time of arrival for that truck—which can be shared with a client via email or text. The link expires when the vehicle has reached its destination (or eight hours later, whichever comes first). 


How does ETA Link Work?

ETA generation is a powerful tool both internally and externally. Projecting technician arrival times helps dispatchers map out vehicle schedules more precisely and efficiently, saving time and money on consumables like fuel. Instead of sending vehicles snaking around a large service area, dispatchers can group by area or expertise, and make changes on the go instead of waiting and guessing. 


For customers, more and better information means fewer surprises and higher-quality interactions. Georgia-based pest control company Pest Protector uses the estimated time of arrival as a tool to make sure clients know resolving their issues is the highest priority. “Our calendar and the driver’s schedule can say one thing, but the GPS tells us exactly where they are,” says manager Valerie Cruzado. “We had a person call in with an emergency, and we could see that we had a technician literally right around the corner. We were able to get there in five minutes.”


When customers have accurate information on technician arrival times, it reduces stress and anxiety about an unknown timeline for service completion. Knowing exactly how long they have to wait before service begins helps create a more relaxed environment for both customers and technicians alike. And being able to provide accurate estimates of when service will begin makes it easier for customers to plan out other tasks. At the same time, they wait for the technician to arrive—like running errands or scheduling other appointments around the time window provided by the fleet manager rather than having an open-ended timeline with no end in sight. That translates into more positive reviews and enthusiastic word-of-mouth referrals—which are the lifeblood of any company. It also means you’ll have the trust and credibility that helps produce repeat business. 


For dispatchers, sending precise ETAs on technician arrival times reduces the need to field calls from frustrated customers. Your in-house team has more time to focus on solving problems when they’re spending less time repeating information that could be shared much more efficiently in another way. 


If you have the maps feature on your GPS Trackit platform, you can start using the ETA Link Today. If you’re not using our fleet management software, a Fleet Advisor can build a free demo to show you how your company can benefit.