Customer Story: Protector Pest Solutions

Protector Pest Solutions is a family-owned pest control company based in Cumming, GA—an hour north of Atlanta. Since 2014, the company has been taking care of customers’ problems with termites, ants, mice, mosquitos and other pests. The business has grown from a single technician to four vehicles.

Protector Pest Solutions
Industry: Pest Control
Client: Valerie Cruzado, Office Manager

“GPS Trackit is easy to implement, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy at all. The guided installation hub answered all the questions I had, in layman’s terms.”

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GPS Trackit’s fleet management system was that plug-and-play solution. The in-truck monitors installed in minutes, and Cruzado is able to monitor driver location in real-time, and generate reports on her crew’s driving habits, number of stops and time at each stop. The intuitive single-screen dashboard lets her see everything she needs to know at a glance.

Elite Customer Service

Pest Protector prides itself on its fast response times. After all, customers with pest problems are usually anxious to get that issue resolved. With help from GPS Trackit, Cruzado is able to see where every truck is at all times, and give customers very precise time windows when their technician will arrive.  “Our calendar and the driver’s schedule can say one thing, but the GPS tells us exactly where they are,” Cruzado said. “We had a person call in with an emergency, and we could see we had a technician literally right around the corner. We were able to get there in five minutes.”

“When we have a potential customer call in, we know where our technicians are at the time and how quickly we can get to somebody.”

Also, customers can call to ask when an outdoor service was performed. “I can pull up the vehicle trails and the history and tell them exactly–from this time this time and this time to this time,” Cruzado said. “They’re a lot more comfortable having verification the service was handled.”

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