As a fleet manager, the ability to communicate effectively with your drivers is essential. Not only does field service software save time and money, but it also leads to improved customer service and better overall operations.

But how can you ensure that communication between your fleet managers and drivers is optimized? That happens with dedicated field service software–not a casual text message chain!

The best systems, like GPS Trackit’s FSM Driver, offer a dedicated interface that gives fleet managers and drivers an at-a-glance look at messages, job statuses, and updates. Let’s look at why these systems work so well:  

They Software Utilizes Automation Tools 

Automation tools allow fleet managers to create automated messages, such as notifications of new routes or updates to existing routes, that are sent directly to each driver’s smartphone app. This eliminates the need for manual checking-in and allows drivers to stay informed on the go. Many businesses rely on the short-term memory of the dispatcher on duty to provide reminders and updates. With automation, those reminders go out on an assigned cadence. That gives you more time to devote your attention to the decisions that matter.    

Field Service Software Leverages GPS Tracking Technology 

GPS tracking technology can help ensure that drivers are following their assigned routes, keeping them safe from distractions like texting while driving or taking unnecessary detours. It also allows fleet managers to monitor driver performance in real-time, including speed, location changes, and fuel usage. GPS tracking technology also offers features such as geo-fencing which alerts fleet managers when a driver enters an area they should not be in or leaves an area without permission. Field service software like GPS Trackit pulls this data together into a single easy-to-understand dashboard screen, giving fleet managers the information they need when they need it.  

They Establish Clear Communication Protocols  

Having clear communication protocols in place helps ensure that both fleet managers and drivers understand who is responsible for what tasks during daily operations. This is so important when something goes wrong, like an unexpected delay due to traffic or weather conditions. With the right field service software, corrective action can be taken quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption of service delivery times or customer experience levels. With clear communication and real-time data on vehicle location, dispatchers can send crews where they’re needed to solve customer issues efficiently. 

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