For Mosquito Joe franchise owner Daniel Brown, the details matter. His pest control company is based outside New York City—where notorious traffic mixes with unpredictable weather to potentially throw a wrench in his scheduling and deployment plans. 

But with the help of GPS Trackit’s route optimization features, he knows exactly where his trucks are at all times and can plot how to avoid the traffic and bad weather that can keep him from getting to the 350 customers per day his crews need to reach. “We’re actively working around the weather, and having an overlay from GPS Trackit that lets me know that a storm might be isolated or that I can move my crews farther south, north, east, or west gives us the ability to be flexible,” says Brown. 

Dodging Mother Nature—or traffic—is just one-way route optimization that can save your small home services business money. Let’s look at how it works:

What is Route Optimization? 

Route optimization is a digital tool designed to help fleet managers maximize their efficiency and reduce operating costs. The software works by analyzing data and creating optimized routes for drivers to follow based on their current location and destination. This process helps managers to identify areas where time can be saved, fuel costs can be reduced, and other efficiencies can be made in order to achieve the most cost-effective route possible.  

How Can It Save Money? 

The purpose of route optimization software is to provide fleets with an efficient way to get from point A to point B while minimizing expenses such as labor costs, fuel costs, and wear-and-tear on vehicles. By using route optimization software, businesses can save money by reducing driver hours, saving fuel costs due to optimized routes, and avoiding costly repairs due to better maintenance schedules. On the GPS Trackit platform, all of these details are visible at a glance on an easy-to-understand dashboard. 

What Are the Other Benefits?

Additionally, businesses that use this type of software will also benefit from improved customer service; after all, customers expect deliveries on time—and you can’t do that without an efficient routing system!  In addition to helping reduce operating costs and giving customers a better experience, using route optimization software also has environmental benefits. Shorter distances traveled lead to fewer vehicle emissions which help create a cleaner environment for everyone. Finally, by streamlining processes with route optimization software fleets may have more time available for additional tasks or projects that will help further increase efficiency or overall profitability down the line.

The numbers speak for themselves. One GPS Trackit customer used route optimization to see 20 percent more clients in a given week—all with the same number of trucks and crew members. No matter what size fleet you operate, you can see positive ROI within the first 30 days. To see specifically how route optimization can help your business, schedule a free demo with a Fleet Advisor today.