Mosquito Joe Beats the Rain with GPS Trackit

When it comes to running his business, Mosquito Joe franchise owner Daniel Brown wants real-time information about his fleet of mosquito control trucks. With GPS Trackit, he gets it. Based in a far western suburb of New York City, Brown needs the ability to precisely deploy his trucks despite obstacles like bad weather and the notorious New York metro traffic—which plagues Bergen, Passaic, Essex, and Morris County, New Jersey. Here's how he uses GPS Trackit to see and satisfy more customers daily.

Mosquito Joe — Wayne
Industry: Pest Control
Client: Daniel Brown

“As a mosquito control company, we spray liquids on the foliage of people’s properties, and we can’t do that when it’s raining. We’re actively working around the weather. Having an overlay that lets me know that a storm might be isolated or that I can move my crews farther south, north, east, or west gives us the ability to be flexible.”

Better Route Flexibility

GPS Trackit’s central monitoring panel is Google-maps based and can show up-to-the-minute weather conditions and forecasts. Brown can see where precipitation is happening and get precise estimates about when it lets up, which lets him move his trucks like chess pieces and get work done even when it’s less than ideal outside.

The traffic function works similarly. The overlay allows Brown to move trucks around bottlenecks and accurately predict how long it will take trucks to move between jobs.

Improved Customer Communication

A more detailed eye on where trucks are in real-time—and avoiding issues—gives customers better, more timely information. “We operate on a large scale—hitting more than 350 homes daily,” says Brown.

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“Every day, we get questions from customers about when we’ll be at the property so they can plan their day. Having the GPS is invaluable for us to know when a truck will be there and to be able to communicate that.”

With time-stamped location tracking, Brown can also provide customers with details about the specific time a crew visited an address and performed a service, making estimating costs and billing much more accurate. And if questions about whether or not a service was performed come up, Brown can show GPS evidence about his trucks’ “when” and “where.”

No Cumbersome Contracts

The mosquito control business is seasonal in the Northeast, which means Brown’s trucks are only active 7 months of the year. Brown can customize his plan and turn the vehicles on seasonal suspension for the down months. GPS Trackit’s Fleet Advisors help clients build a technology solution that works for their business and budget and provide round-the-clock live technical support. It’s why more than 65% percent of GPS Trackit’s customers stay with the service for more than 4 years.

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