Thompson Trading Improves Driver Accountability

“The first week, it paid for itself! It covers everything I need.”
-Scott Thompson, Thompson Trading

Thompson Trading
Industry: Wholesale (Pepsi Co, Gatorade, Lysol, Airwick, Frito-Lay, Quaker)
Client: Scott Thompson

Thompson Trading Creates New Efficiencies
And Substantial Cost Savings With GPS Trackit

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Optimizing Routes, Maximizing Output & ROI

Before getting started with GPS Trackit, Scott’s team was taking longer than necessary to serve its clients each day. Using daily routes optimized by GPS Trackit, Thompson has been able to make large 3x improvements while cutting costs associated with fuel usage and billable hours.

“Our main problem is we have auditors and coordinators that need to know where the vehicles are at. So for us, it’s really critical that we know where they’re at, so we can go and make sure that they are doing their job the right way in a safe manner.”

“We were doing about 2 to 3 stores per day before and with GPS Trackit we were able to do better routes. So we are doing more stores in the same area and increased to 5 to 6 stores. Instead of just driving all around the island, we cut down routes. We saved $4,000 a year when we started working with GPS Trackit, with 29 truckers. So that’s another bonus for us!”

Fleet Visibility in One Easy View

Before upgrading his fleet management solution, Scott Thompson at Thompson Trading was hemorrhaging time trying to monitor and optimize his fleet’s routes and efficiencies. after implementing the GPS Trackit system, Scott reported that he saw substantial time savings and no longer needed to monitor his vehicle movements all day just to get a picture of what was happening on the ground:

“Mostly what I do, instead of watching all day, I use the start-stop report and that has worked out great for me to see it all.”

Scott was able to address an accident with the clarity the data provided him:

“The first week, it paid for itself.”

“One of our drivers got into an accident. The person he got the accident with called us to inquire about it when we looked back and looked to the tracking, we figured out that they were in that area, and after further questioning, we found out what actually happened.”

Improving Driver Accountability

Thompson Trading was also struggling with issues like driver accountability, trust, and transparency. Peace of mind was, for a time, out of reach for Scott and his team. However, once Thompson implemented the GPS Trackit solution, they immediately saw results:

“We found that our staff was were not supposed to be doing while they are at work we were extremely happy within the first week because we cut all of that out.”

“We have merchandisers that go out to all the grocery stores and they restock the shelves when we tracked them we found out that they were going home at 12:30 pm and coming back to work at 3:00 pm. Once again, it paid for itself in no time.”

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